Appal In A Sentence

Definition of Appal

(Britain, less common) Alternative spelling of appall

How To Use Appal In A Sentence?

  • Yet the misfortunes which had overtaken her were enough to appal the stoutest heart.
  • Seek not to startle and appal the beholder, but rather to interest and instruct him.
  • No supernatural terrors could appal him now, no fearful imaginings begotten of cold and darkness.
  • Surely such a state of things might well appal the bravest heart, and palsy the stoutest arm.
  • The spectacle of marital wrath did not seem greatly to appal the wilful Countess.
  • But the size of Russia and the exposed eastern frontier of Germany seemed to appal him.
  • The formidable host, by holy James, Might well appal our priests and city dames!
  • It was only of late that she had come to realise this, and the horror of the awakening still at times had power to appal her.
  • The violence of the battle may be cheaply braved, but the insidious attacks of disease appal the boldest.
  • The unknown dangers he anticipated, rendered more terrific by their vague indefinite character, were enough to appal a stouter bosom.
  • He stood with his bag on his arm, pretending to survey the front of the Alhambra, when there flashed into his mind a thought to appal the bravest.
  • No difficulties or perplexities seemed to appal him or disturb his judgment, and his courage and skill were equalled by his immovable self-composure.
  • Rumours of trouble with natives do not appal him, because he knows before he slings his gun over his shoulder that he is going forth to inflict due punishment upon the insurgents.
  • The awful swearing and vile language appal him, and the thought of bringing his little ones to such a place almost breaks his spirits; but here he has come to stay and work.
  • The massacres of bygone years were as nothing to those which were daily flashed over the wires to startle and appal a world which was still Christian, at least in name.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Appal | Appal Sentence

  • Did the question appal him?
  • Those things appal me.
  • What shall appal thee?
  • The thought seemed to appal him.
  • It was a sight indeed to appal the stoutest heart.
  • The prospect of living alone in the old homestead failed to appal her.
  • Some intoxicate by their beauty; others appal by their foulness.

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