Apparelled In A Sentence

Definition of Apparelled

simple past tense and past participle of apparel.

How To Use Apparelled In A Sentence?

  • Her appearance was in marked contrast to that of the richly apparelled women about her.
  • The leaping, howling mob of strangely apparelled performers threatened to storm her balcony.
  • Approaching was the dignitary referred to, lance in hand, and apparelled in official robes.
  • Behold, those who are gorgeously apparelled and live delicately are in kings' courts.
  • Manguino was apparelled in a festive garb as were his men, and when they reached the podium, they helped him up the steps to it.
  • She was introduced to the Pope, and allowed herself to be apparelled in her very best for that august occasion.
  • Thereto likewise came Alwin decked out in his best raiment, and many others were there apparelled also in their best.
  • Thus apparelled they went sword in hand to meet the prisoners of war in camp, whom, after wreathing them, they conducted to a large iron kettle.
  • Immediately the king ordered him to be finely apparelled and feasted, after which he commanded him to be cut in quarters, and carried about the city with a proclamation that he had seen the king drink.
  • Can any reader of "N. & Q." supply traditional proof of clergymen appearing thus apparelled in ordinary life?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Apparelled | Apparelled Sentence

  • It was therefore apparelled as an angel of light that he set about the work.
  • In good truth, they were apparelled in most comfortable and seemly fashion.

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