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  • It was at once apparent that she had changed.
  • The disparity was not as apparent as she believed.
  • There was no apparent evil on the surface of his life.
  • This difficulty is, however, more apparent than real.
  • The danger to the Empire becomes more apparent every day.
  • With an apparent air of diffidence I began my recital.
  • I hope to receive your forgiveness for my apparent importunity.
  • Meningitis set in, and it was immediately apparent that she was death-struck.
  • This inconsistency, however, is probably rather apparent than real.

How To Use Apparent In A Sentence?

  • This distinction will be more apparent under the discussion of transfer and multiple switchboards.
  • This apparent misfortune had the good effect of compelling him to reflect on his situation.
  • Already there were changes apparent in him, signs of deterioration not entirely physical.
  • There is another false conception which has given great apparent force to the cause of necessity.
  • These instructions were obeyed implicitly, and soon the camp was buried in apparent slumber.
  • It may not yet be altogether apparent to you that I am not a fiend in human form.
  • And the Sophist also uses illusions, and his imitations are apparent and not real.
  • Nowhere in all his work is the mastery of the cowboy more apparent than when he changes horses on the open plain.
  • They tell me that as they grow in knowledge their degradation becomes more apparent to them, and their sufferings greater.
  • They had hardly more than got under full headway when a difficulty became apparent to the little group around the superintendent.
  • Shortly afterwards the painter was plunged into gloom by an apparent coolness on the part of the lady, but it passed.
  • Is it not evident, that by such a use of language the cause of necessity gains great apparent strength?
  • She knew that it must take more than mere money to keep so elaborate a household running without apparent effort.
  • His apparent faithfulness had enlisted her interest; but she held him at a distance with a resolution which he would not have given her credit for.
  • On each occasion he found Wickersham there, and it was very apparent that he was not an unwelcome visitor.
  • The hardship of such a conclusion would be still more apparent in regard to the conduct of a man whose general character is well known to be good.
  • Then the Sophist has been shown to have a sort of conjectural or apparent knowledge only of all things, which is not the truth?
  • Still, with all this apparent prodigality, he had a leaven of the old man in him, which showed that he was his true-born son.
  • The extreme leniency of the Court must be apparent to all, and can only be excused by the novelty of the case brought before it.
  • It is not apparent that our people would be allowed to purchase areca-nut in Trincomalee on account of the opening of the harbours.
  • In his third Cambridge year he grew better, and all who knew and loved him rejoiced in his apparent recovery.
  • Where she perchance reserves me for my sire, By my apparent death enough chastis'd.
  • The scene apparent on going on deck after breakfast was splendid, and unlike anything I ever saw before.
  • His sensitive thin ears, made to hear every scratch, can detect the rasping of the retired grub, feasting in apparent security below.
  • Disgusted with his apparent lack of prospects, he was now anxious to be sent to Turkey to reorganize the Turkish artillery.
  • While Hassan lay in confinement at Damietta one of the towers of that city fell down without any apparent cause.
  • But, asks the English tourist impressed by the apparent beggarliness of all he sees, how could the tenant procure a quarter of the money?
  • Because the field of our vision is so exceedingly limited, we do not see why it should be forever traversed by apparent inconsistencies and contradictions.
  • All the above is apparent and is proved by the records of this assembly, and it is inferred therefrom that they did not consider or regard as true the few degrees they had given out.
  • Then he grew quieter, and, with apparent business-like gravity, began to discuss the capacity in which I was to enter his company.
  • On board, where she never saw him in evening clothes, Renouard's resemblance to a duke's son was not so apparent to her.

Definition of Apparent

Capable of being seen, or easily seen; open to view; visible to the eye, eyely; within sight or view. | Clear or manifest to the understanding; plain; evident; obvious; known; palpable; indubitable. | Appearing to the eye or mind (distinguished from, but not necessarily opposed to, true or real); seeming.
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