Appears in a sentence

Definition of Appears

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of appear

How to use Appears in a Sentence?

  • The nature of the other appears to me to be divided into fractions like knowledge.
  • And this appears the more strikingly in this country, where other distinctions are lost.
  • The struggle for existence is not confined to the animals, but appears in the kingdom of thought.
  • Sporadic wood-splitting is going on, and cooking appears to be one of the fine arts.
  • But it appears to me that the longer Jake wears a thing the better he likes it.
  • Such, at least, appears to be the reason for which nine-tenths of our youngsters are sent abroad.
  • This, it appears to me, is the fundamental principle of politics, whether in great or little life.
  • This species appears to bring forth in January, and therefore it is subjected to captivity.
  • Neither Sheridan nor any other Federal historian appears to have done justice to this charge.
  • She does not show partiality ... indeed, appears to be gifted with unusual fairness....
  • Sophonisba sees a man in livery opening the door of what appears to be the entrance to some quiet learned institution.
  • The picture which he gives of both these latter schools is indistinct; and he appears reluctant to mention the names of their teachers.
  • She appears in person before the judges and pleads so shrewdly, that our best advocates might take lessons from her.
  • The odalisk appears like a rosy water-nymph swinging on a bright lotus-leaf over a fountain of liquid rubies.
  • During the day it appears to be listless, but no sooner has the night set in than it is in motion, and it continues very active until morning.
  • It appears that the necessaries of life were cheap and luxuries dear at Paris during the thirteenth century.
  • But Archibald appears to have been singularly free from fear, whether of the natural or of the supernatural.
  • Salmon as served in Paris wears a different aspect from the one commonly worn by it when it appears upon the table here.
  • This includes military as well as private machines, also machines exported, and appears to be unduly generous even so.
  • The puzzle about 'Not-being' appears to us to be one of the most unreal difficulties of ancient philosophy.
  • Nothing appears to me to be of more importance for the mechanical explanation of consciousness than the comparative consideration of its development.
  • Such, then, in brief, appears to have been Bacon's general system of philosophy.
  • The first name was suggested by an elderly female relative, who appears to have read the Odyssey, and appreciated its hero.
  • It will be at any rate three months before the Sonata appears here, but you must make haste with the Quintet.
  • He never appears to have criticized himself, or to have subjected his own ideas to the process of analysis which he applies to every other philosopher.
  • The Sophist, in the dialogue which is called after him, is exhibited in many different lights, and appears and reappears in a variety of forms.
  • The dramatic power of the dialogues of Plato appears to diminish as the metaphysical interest of them increases (compare Introd.
  • There appears to be a sort of war of Giants and Gods going on amongst them; they are fighting with one another about the nature of essence.
  • But, though I grant that it appears so now, I deny that it is in any way so formed as to be safely depended on.
  • Hence, the mercy of God, which takes in all whose salvation is within the range of possibility, appears in full-orbed and unclouded splendour.

Short Example Sentence for Appears

  • Thus it appears to me.
  • That certainly appears to be the opinion of mankind.
  • None, as it appears abstractedly.
  • This firm appears to have ceased to exist.
  • Yes, that certainly appears to be true.
  • In the actual combat there appears to have been a divided authority.
  • This appears when the instruments are used on a comparatively long line.
  • Has more than once been reported killed; but always appears again.
  • If a Person appears ever so little in public, he is presently known.
  • But in this case it appears I am mistaken, and nobody is happier to admit it.

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