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  • Man himself next appears on the scene.
  • It so appears on the face of the precedents.
  • A smile never appears on her lips.
  • Then a red lantern appears on the face of the waters.
  • This sign appears on rocks in certain places.
  • Girl who lives there hides, but appears on second day.
  • It appears on reliefs, on medals, and on cameos.
  • The fourth illustration appears on page 49, not 47.
  • The same phenomenon appears on a smaller scale in Isa.
  • It appears on an old Spanish map dated 1502.
  • Baal-Tarz, whose effigy appears on most of the coins.
  • It appears on the nipples of the cows in the form of irregular pustules.
  • The young king appears on the balcony and they are permitted to see his face.
  • Later there appears on the surface of the moist cheese, a moldy growth.
  • That the latter is the correct conclusion, appears on the following grounds.
  • The trumpeter is now blowing for a parley, but no one appears on the ramparts.
  • Wanda appears on the threshold, wrapped in her sables, holding a lighted torch.
  • This is not the first time that he appears on the stage of the Gospel history.
  • The tight sleeve of her kirtle appears on left arm, which holds cord of mantle.
  • A shade Appears on the horizon's hazy line.
  • It appears on the planisphere of Bartschius, published in 1624.
  • A slight tattooing appears on almost all Pima faces not of the last generation.
  • It appears on the front of the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt.

How To Use Appears On In A Sentence?

  • One of the quaint umber fronted houses for which the town is famous appears on the left.
  • Have it thoroughly understood that when your name appears on a program, you will be at your post.
  • The prompter appears on the scene and demands of the carpenter what he means by opening the trap?
  • It appears on the lips and inside the cheeks like little white threads or flakes.
  • The water oozes through the porous clay and appears on the outside of the vessel as a faint sweat.
  • Foonote 48 appears on page 28 of the text, but there is no corresponding marker on the page.
  • Foonote 448 appears on page 295 of the text, but there is no corresponding marker on the page.
  • In the background a clock-tower appears on the right, while a rocky landscape extends to the left.
  • The bead appears on charcoal, and with the addition of tin, of a dark green color.
  • Accordingly, the symbol # was chosen, primarily because it appears on every typewriter.
  • The wet had got into the box, however, and a brown patch appears on the left side of each collar.
  • Helen appears on the battlements of Troy, watching the conflict, accompanied only by her maidens.
  • All invitations are to be considered as "formal" unless the word "informal" appears on the card.
  • Henry Delafield, whose name appears on the card of invitation, belonged to a well-known family.
  • Yet at first the human germ appears on the newly formed Sun in the form it possessed on Saturn.
  • The doubts refer mainly to the earlier chapters, before St. Paul appears on the scene.
  • As pithy an inscription appears on the bell of S. Ives, which is rung early in the morning.
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