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  • Nor could he be appeased all through the meal.
  • It must be appeased first.
  • Men were more easily appeased than women.
  • No explanation of it would have appeased him.
  • His obvious sincerity appeased her.
  • He must be appeased and mollified at any cost.
  • Such an offence could only be appeased by blood.
  • Theodora was only half appeased by the intended compliment.
  • They are only appeased with a promise of a picture a few weeks later.
  • It appeased and disarmed this anarchist who was also an autocrat.
  • Colombia was not to be appeased by the paltry sum of $2,500,000.
  • In the afternoon the wind was somewhat appeased and blew west-south-west.
  • But the anger of Achilles was not appeased even by the death of his foe.
  • Mrs. Handsomebody, appeased by her easy victory, inquired after his wife.
  • So Tom, appeased by the flattering if tardy interest, read the account.
  • Our sulky Texan guides were appeased with bacon, coffee, and $5 in coin.
  • Amarilly's sense of justice was appeased by this arrangement.
  • Nor had he been wholly appeased by the inspector's final offer.
  • The anger of the father of the gods was appeased by Juno's mild words.

How To Use Appeased In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps it was the consciousness of this mood in him which at last partly appeased her.
  • But he would not be appeased at once; it was good for her to have something to do.
  • May thy heart be appeased as the heart of a mother who has borne children!
  • The wild rush through the night beside her lover appeased something within her.
  • But when bodily hunger is appeased the mind has leisure to satisfy itself or to feel dissatisfied.
  • It was not the sort of hunger to be appeased by ants and grubs, or even gophers and whistlers.
  • Possibly this would have appeased the natives, but Fredrik was desirous for more.
  • He was modest, retiring, humbly contented; a gentlemanly residence appeased his ambition.
  • He appeased it by the excuse that it was no threat or pressure from without which had influenced his action.
  • They appeased their hunger with fruits, for they could not bring themselves to eat frogs and lizards.
  • He did not seem at all appeased at the sight of the boys, but shook his fist at them in a paroxysm of fright and rage.
  • An excited personage, who might have been just outside the window, was expeditiously appeased in monosyllables.
  • In each case the powers, evil or beneficent, were supposed to be appeased by the offering of a human life.
  • The consequence of their thirst being appeased made the demand for food imperative, and a raw potato was given to each man.
  • But Mike's sensitiveness had taken the alarm, and it was only to be appeased by explanations.
  • By this time Noel's hunger had been appeased in a measure and he was eager to be gone.
  • No individual could bear the sight of such a crime, and no suffering man could be appeased by a single victim to atone for it.
  • The displeasure of Constantius was aroused, and that was usually only appeased by the death of its object.
  • We have grown up in pure light and air, appeased with the comforts, and braced by at least the current morality of society.
  • But he felt that what was a new aristocracy in truth, though not yet so in name, must be appeased as well as the people.
  • The cornelian appeased anger, and the hyacinth provoked sleep, and the amethyst drove away the fumes of wine.

Definition of Appeased

simple past tense and past participle of appease
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