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  • But most of the applicants were of unsatisfactory types.
  • There's applicants enough; but they don't suit.
  • There are always plenty of applicants for any vacant position.
  • When shearing-time comes round there are plenty of applicants for the job.
  • Employment agencies must not send applicants to places of bad repute.
  • The work of selecting one person out of the many applicants begins.
  • McNeil was besieged by applicants imploring him to stay the execution.

How To Use Applicants In A Sentence?

  • The applicants should understand that it is an honor to be a member of this unit.
  • I selected two of the most promising applicants and brought them out to the farm.
  • To these the proprietors send the handsomest of their applicants for honest work.
  • He shook off all applicants who hoped through him to gain access to the rich man.
  • A gentleman advertised for a boy, and nearly fifty applicants presented themselves to him.
  • I had no idea that he intended to leave me, for one does not get rid of such applicants so easily.
  • They usually only needed a stock reply, telling the applicants to attend their local tribunal.
  • They seem to have a real "corner" on the aid given to applicants from their groups.
  • When charters were applied for and refused, the applicants began business on the common-law plan.
  • The long time job allows of teaching, therefore applicants for it may be carefully studied.
  • We did not apply sufficiently soon, I am afraid, and the name of the applicants has been legion.
  • He had the power of refusing admission to those applicants whom he deemed unfit to be entrusted with the secrets.
  • He had the satisfaction of hearing afterwards that his friendly intercession on behalf of the applicants had been partially successful.
  • As a result we've had virtually no applicants coming to us because of hampered growth.
  • It was quite difficult to secure his name or his favorable word in behalf of applicants for the subordinate places.
  • Such is the ordinary allowance made at charitable societies, in consequence of the vast number of applicants for relief.
  • The damsel was industrious and virtuous as well as beautiful, and as she grew to maturity had many applicants for her hand.
  • By the time we had done with these matters, which I wished to perdition, some score of applicants was in waiting for me.
  • No violent solution was needed, as several applicants came forward when Nelson's wish was known.
  • It was clear that the applicants were not to receive much assistance from Justice Sherwood in resolving their doubts.
  • St. John Long had so many applicants for attention that he was literally unable to give heed to all of them.
  • Father Stanley is slow, destitute of either education or wit, and examines applicants like a demagogue fishes for votes.
  • That very day he had consulted a specialist in New York, taking his turn in the long line of waiting applicants in the office.
  • I often called his attention to the more important ones, but it was his practice to send applicants and their friends to me with the remark that the business was in my hands.
  • They had just completed the selections from the list of applicants for discount, and were now in that state of lethargy that commonly follows a great and important act.
  • Two-thirds of all the applicants for relief at the Hospital for the Indigent Blind had lost their sight by small-pox.
  • He points triumphantly to the fact that the letters of indulgence were never handed the applicants at the same desk at which the "thank-offerings" were received.
  • The increase in the number of applicants for autographs is so great that it has become necessary to adopt positive regulations to protect the author from the exorbitant claims of this class of virtuosos.
  • Those who had been enrolled waited for some time, but finding that with evening the applicants were still coming in a long procession, they gradually dispersed.
  • From out the crowd applicants were invited onto the platform, and if one succeeded in selecting his own name he would be entitled to the first choice of land and location.
  • After a few general remarks the chairman exhibited a record book in which he said there were written and pasted about one thousand two hundred names of applicants for membership in the association.
  • The group of applicants should then be tested out as to their swimming ability, especially being required to swim on back without hands, and on side with one arm only.
  • As the number of applicants for admission continued to increase, both church and dwelling had to be enlarged from time to time; and the wood was replaced by stone and mortar.

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plural of applicant
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