Application in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Application

1. The application of it is easy. 🔊

2. We often witness the practical application of this principle. 🔊

3. The application of carbon to use in transmitters has taken many forms. 🔊

4. As a matter of fact, however, the application of force had already begun. 🔊

How to use Application in Sentences?

1. He describes their earnestness and energetic application as being most remarkable. 🔊

2. It has been stated that ammonia can be condensed to a liquid by the application of pressure. 🔊

3. There was the significant addition that the application would nevertheless be renewed. 🔊

4. I am not fond of the application of plaques of stone or earthenware to works of furniture. 🔊

5. Leibnitz has lost sight of it, and deceived himself by a false application of his doctrine. 🔊

6. She was not aware how wide an application her foreign readers would give to the remark. 🔊

7. This, however, in no way affects the application of the theory of descent to man. 🔊

8. Through unwearied application to the art of rhetorical composition they ultimately won fame as writers. 🔊

9. The principle of reversible reactions finds practical application in the preparation of most of the common acids. 🔊

10. He was especially instructed in mathematics, and their application to navigation and nautical astronomy. 🔊

11. There is no industrial art in which the advancement of the times has been followed more closely by practical application than in telephony. 🔊

12. Full particulars can be obtained on application at the above places and from the agents of the Company. 🔊

13. We have seen that as the idea of personality becomes more distinct the range of its application becomes narrower, not wider. 🔊

14. The judge withdrew his application by the next post, and confidently expected to see his friend in the dock. 🔊

15. There is also another application for emancipation from a dyer who is now, he says, 60 years of age. 🔊

16. The gratification which wealth can bestow is not in mere possession, nor in lavishing it with prodigality, but in the wise application of it. 🔊