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  • Bandages to the whole of the head should not however be applied in general practice.
  • As a general rule insecticides should be applied in the evening or after the sun is down.
  • Can this theory be applied in any way to the question of the origin of the races of man?
  • When applied in a molten state it will firmly unite metals first named to each other.
  • How these doctrines might have been applied in practical instruction nobody is able to tell.
  • Second, empirical knowledge is always applied in the prevailing mechanical spirit.
  • They are exceedingly cheap, considering the skill which must be applied in their construction.
  • Proparaptera: the paraptera of the prothorax: the terms erroneously applied in this connection.
  • Epilabrum: a sclerite at each side of the labrum: specifically applied in myriapods.
  • This same treatment may be applied in cases of acid-burns, and scalds of every description.
  • The word "clergy" was not commonly applied in those days to dissenting ministers of religion.
  • It could be applied in the holes (which invariably trend downward) with a small metal syringe.
  • Gnathopoda: the arthropods: the first pair of legs; especially applied in crustaceans: mouth feet.
  • Emandibulate: lacking functional mandibles; e.g. butterflies and moths, and applied in any stage.
  • Oligoneura: having few wing veins: specifically applied in Diptera to Cecidomyids.
  • About this period the word Geige appears to have been applied in Germany to designate a Fiddle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Applied In | Applied In Sentence

  • We applied in twenty places in vain.
  • Dry heat may then be applied in several ways.
  • That is, if treatment is applied in time.
  • The zinc may be applied in four different ways.
  • Xylophaga: wood-eaters: applied in several orders.
  • It is a word applied in the Bible to holy men.
  • Applied in Wales to Mountains that terminate in a Peak.
  • I thought of all the remedies that had been applied in such cases.
  • To himself they might well have been applied in all truthfulness and sincerity.
  • I wish his talents could be applied in some other direction.
  • But it is precisely the same principle applied in this particular direction.
  • What test question must be applied in each of the above cases?
  • Large or small bandages of this nature are applied in an infinity of cases.
  • The lunar caustic was applied in half an hour after the accident.
  • He accordingly presented himself and applied in due form for initiation.
  • Four thousand people applied in the first few months and were shipped out.
  • Wherever possible, irrigation should be applied in dry weather.
  • Remember, there is no strength properly applied in singing without movement.
  • Figure 270 shows the simplicity of the tool, and how it is applied in use.
  • That its use was confined to agricultural purposes, and not applied in war.
  • If possible, a mud-poultice should be applied in one or two places.
  • I put the words I consider inappropriately applied in italics.
  • If used, it should be applied in February, just before the buds open.
  • This extreme test was, in fact, applied in the case of Texas.
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