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How To Use Appointment Of In A Sentence?

  • Nothing but the appointment of the recorder remained in the hands of the governor.
  • The comptroller has the absolute appointment of all receivers and fixes their compensation.
  • Why is the appointment of judges of the supreme court given to the president and senate?
  • The ordinary method of appointment of cadets is described and vindicated by the author.
  • Helen noticed every appointment of the double tent which was singularly neat and trim.
  • The council may by petition obtain the appointment of a stipendiary magistrate for the borough.
  • The appointment of judges of the supreme court by the president and senate, seems to be proper.
  • Appointment of women inspectors, one for every thousand women and children employed.
  • He was not fortunate in the circumstances incident to the appointment of his Cabinet.
  • Parish vacant till 1771, appointment of minister being delayed till his son was licensed.
  • If they were not, then they had no reason or right to prohibit the appointment of Zubehr.
  • He also tried hard to have his own way in the appointment of a deputy to govern in Ireland.
  • Sir, The law authorizing the appointment of additional aides has been repealed.
  • God cured this by the appointment of Aaron, who was eloquent, to aid his brother.
  • It has also been said that the appointment of Dewey was a mere chance, a matter of routine.
  • This was the daughter of Venus, the cook, and her appointment of service was the kitchen.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Appointment Of | Appointment Of Sentence

  • It was as some secret appointment of heaven.
  • In respect to the appointment of federal officers.
  • The appointment of certain boards by the mayor.
  • Probably there never was a better appointment of the kind.
  • It was the appointment of the Creator that it should be so.
  • Why was the appointment of Clay a mistake?
  • Appointment of M. de Vendome.
  • Appointment of the Leader, Officers, and Party.
  • Section V. Of the Appointment of Committees.
  • Finally they consented to the appointment of three commissioners.
  • She commenced to be more methodical in the appointment of her time.
  • The resolution is generally accompanied by the appointment of a liquidator.
  • The appointment of inspectors was made compulsory in case of a complaint.
  • Appointment of senior naval officers to air service commands.
  • Never was so good a case made out for the appointment of so bad a man.
  • In the appointment of officers, religion made no difference.
  • But have we any reason to complain of this appointment of God?
  • The charter did not provide for the appointment of a Governor.
  • The significance of the appointment of this Commission was very great.
  • Am I not, by the appointment of her dying brother, her protector and guardian?
  • But they were somewhat consoled by the appointment of Lord Culpeper.
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