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  • Senators are differently apportioned in different states.
  • Spare honey to be apportioned among the stocks.
  • They are apportioned every five years.
  • Representatives are apportioned among the towns and cities.
  • They had the Government grant apportioned to them according to their standing.
  • He had been apportioned a treatment, a diet, a bath hour, and a nurse.
  • He has mentally apportioned her to Somerled, as spoil of battle.
  • Gardens, private, apportioned in Virginia, 48, 49, 68, n. 12.
  • The income tax is also apportioned over a three years' average.

How To Use Apportioned In A Sentence?

  • Representatives are apportioned among the counties in proportion to the population in each.
  • Augustus met them as they came upon the common which was apportioned to the show-people.
  • The supply was limited and on this account one film had been apportioned to certain territory.
  • Girls were each apportioned a small piece of dough, mixed with any but spring water.
  • The full pods were boiled, and apportioned to be shelled and the peas eaten with butter and salt.
  • Much of it is apportioned among Spaniards, and some of the natives pay tribute.
  • These sums are apportioned amongst the Sultan and nobles who had interests in the ceded districts.
  • And have not the measure and duration of their punishments been apportioned to their respective offences?
  • Nature seems to have apportioned the voices of many of her creatures with sensitive regard for their environment.
  • On this basis the commander has apportioned the strength needed for the attainment of the objectives assigned to his subordinates.
  • His father left an estate consisting only of some slaves, which were equally apportioned between himself and sister.
  • Members of the general assembly, not to exceed sixty, are apportioned among the counties according to population.
  • I observe that in the cemetery the Chinamen have a separate piece of burying-ground apportioned to them.
  • The cake is apportioned to the condition of the different animals, and some of the leanest cattle get the double of others which are riper.
  • It also had control over highways going from town to town; and it apportioned the county taxes among the several towns.
  • Both are apportioned according to the number of white male inhabitants twenty-one years of age, every six years.
  • The 250,000 square miles of the basin were variously apportioned amongst these tribes, but their territorial claims were usually well defined.
  • And after stockings come garments, ending with the pink calico dress apportioned to the day, and succeeding garments come buttons.
  • I thought that it would be all right to do it quietly, and therefore I have apportioned as many as possible to the royal crown.
  • They had tied up, and were busily engaged in the various tasks that had been apportioned to each as his daily program, when Luther came along.
  • In these residencias, because it was not best to discuss it, no charges were made, since no Indians had been apportioned to the royal crown.
  • The seats having been apportioned to the respective lists it becomes necessary to ascertain which of the candidates on the respective lists are to be declared elected.
  • The number of representatives was, therefore, for the time being, fixed at sixty-five, and apportioned as directed by the Constitution.
  • Scarce a vestige of the forest is now left, except what has been apportioned to the crown, adjoining the Great Park.
  • Representatives are apportioned among the towns according to ratable male polls, (male tax-payers;) state residence, two years.
  • In some states they are apportioned among the several counties, so that the number to be elected in each county shall be in proportion to the number of its inhabitants.
  • The inferior drumsticks were, after the ladies had been helped, duly apportioned to Benson and Allister, respectively.
  • When, in 1635, the Plymouth Colony was about to surrender its charter, its directors apportioned their territory to themselves individually.
  • The next consideration, that of feasibility, takes account of the type and of the amount of means that can be apportioned in view of the means available.
  • But little drink should be taken, while eating, as it dilutes the gastric juice which is apportioned to each quantity of food as it enters the stomach.
  • Less than seven hundred Indians of this encomienda were apportioned to your royal crown, in order that the income therefrom should be enjoyed by the hospital.

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simple past tense and past participle of apportion
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