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  • The apportionment of the work and the rest.
  • Upon what terms was the question of apportionment settled?
  • An apportionment of members is made every ten years.
  • Right Apportionment of Time.
  • Right Apportionment of Time, General Principles.
  • Proper apportionment of fighting strength 162-164 4.
  • A census is taken, and a new apportionment made every ten years.
  • A Final Account to be given of the Apportionment of our Time.

How To Use Apportionment In A Sentence?

  • This apportionment the commissioners determined to oppose as unjust and unreasonable.
  • The question of the apportionment of the tithes was settled in the following year, 1667.
  • Consequently, every apportionment Act involves more or less of the gerrymander.
  • The quota which will ensure the apportionment of all the seats among the lists without remainder is ascertained by trial.
  • Suggestive as these figures are, they are still more so when we come to their apportionment to States.
  • Can the state, acting through officials, make this apportionment better than it can be made by competition?
  • The apportionment of non-assignable expense on the Burlington has been made on the basis of train mileage.
  • It is not so much the amount of income, as the regular and correct apportionment of expenses, that makes a family truly comfortable.
  • The apportionment of blame, or prolonged discussion of the matter, is out of place in a biography of Nelson.
  • In my great work on The Prude all will be attended to with due discrimination in apportionment of censure.
  • So far all is clear, and in this apportionment Mr. Urban's correspondent and myself are agreed.
  • I wondered if the man Dimpdin would suggest the apportionment of flasks to soldiers, in his Evangelical report!
  • The wide extent of the relief work made it necessary to develop the most rigid simplicity and standardization in the apportionment of food to the strikers.
  • But fairness requires that so great a reduction in the amount should be accompanied by a readjustment of its apportionment between the Allies themselves.
  • Whatever rule might be adopted, no apportionment founded upon population could be made until an enumeration of the inhabitants should have been taken.
  • The Board of Estimate and Apportionment never approves the full appropriation made for the schools.
  • Of course she purposed an equitable apportionment of the public domain between herself and the north under which she would get the small part that suited slave agriculture.
  • The most opposite conclusions were arrived at by different lawyers, and it became manifest that no apportionment satisfactory to all the claimants could be made by any tribunal.
  • The apportionment of the amount of the state and county expenses among the several towns, is made according to the amount of property in each as valued by the assessors.
  • Mobility is one of the most important factors pertaining directly to relative position, to apportionment of fighting strength, and to freedom of action.
  • The apportionment of delegates was based upon this defective registration and census, and this alone would have given the pro-slavery party a disproportionate power in the convention.
  • The fundamental considerations outlined above as to apportionment of fighting strength have application both to the offensive and the defensive (see also discussion on page 75).
  • The commander may now study his list of operations, compiled to this point, from the standpoint of the third feature, proper apportionment of fighting strength.
  • Thus, the establishment of a well defended base may operate, properly, to reduce the requirements for apportionment of a force for a particular duty in that locality.
  • The new sensations of light, the different apportionment of light and dark, arouse his attention; and when he comes back to his former surroundings he is not astonished.

Definition of Apportionment

The act of apportioning or the state of being apportioned. | (US) The distribution of members of the House of Representatives according to the population of the various states. | (US) The allocation of direct taxation according to the population of the various states.
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