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  • But we can distinctly apprehend them.
  • It rises to apprehend itself in its essentiality.
  • I cannot apprehend how it can torment, and yet save.
  • Could I not apprehend it?
  • In faith to apprehend this is to have the secret of holiness.
  • It was necessary to repeat his remark before she could apprehend it.
  • So much you apprehend by an athletic act of the imagination.
  • If she heard the danger questioned, she could not apprehend it.

How To Use Apprehend In A Sentence?

  • Tell your sister from me that she has nothing to apprehend from any pretensions of mine.
  • Is it a sign of insanity to notice and apprehend everything as accurately as you do?
  • A number of us were doing our best to apprehend the summation of all this flood of change.
  • It was obvious that he meant to spring right at any who might be seeking to apprehend him.
  • I have found the organ by which to apprehend this reality, and probably all other.
  • It could then safely apprehend and bring to justice the ringleaders of this undertaking.
  • Visions of reward darted across his brain and he made a movement as to apprehend the foreigner.
  • In the very attempt to apprehend it by sight or name, he found it mysteriously beyond his grasp.
  • They are most accurately called systems which apprehend the Absolute only as substance.
  • There are but few, if any, scientific men who apprehend that the Bible is literally true.
  • She held her breath to listen, but before she could apprehend Jim leaped violently ahead.
  • I apprehend that some such minor deficiencies might have been detected in the general showiness of most of them.
  • The people were not well informed as to the facts, and they were slow to apprehend the significance of what they learned.
  • This desire to apprehend her corrugated his forehead into the soft wrinkles of youth, and narrowed his eyes.
  • It is only lately that the mind of man has been able to apprehend them, and has been able to construct instruments in accordance with these laws.
  • The latter told his lieutenant candidly he feared all was not being done to apprehend the Persian emissary.
  • From this it is plain that, if a man definitely apprehends a relative thing, he will also definitely apprehend that to which it is relative.
  • This defalcation was not to be overlooked, nor should Khamisi be permitted to return without an effort to apprehend him.
  • Moreover, one of the weakest points in our present system everywhere is lack of police authority to apprehend violators of the fire laws.
  • I have traversed it often on foot and on horseback, and never met with the first, or had the slightest cause to apprehend the latter.
  • He had seen something which led him to apprehend that the Confederates had a strong intrenched camp in the rear of their works.
  • Though Richard could not fail to apprehend the implied dismissal, he was minded at first to disregard it.
  • His assurances to Suzanne that he would make no attempt to apprehend the kidnapers had been sops thrown to pacify her terror.
  • Chuchilibach appears as the name of a place, but I apprehend that the word implies a stream of the same name.
  • We apprehend that the long recognition, alone, of the existence of a rule, does not prevent its being impeached on sufficient reasons.
  • I was surprised to find it in so good a posture of defense; the destruction of Gnadenhut had made them apprehend danger.
  • I apprehend that this may partly be occasioned by the different opinions of seamen respecting the modes of lading, rigging, and sailing of a ship.
  • It is difficult to apprehend the tremendous strides which we have made in the production of telescopes and the consequent increase in our sweep of the heavens.
  • He has several guns in position on the summit, and I apprehend that we shall have to capture it before we assault Magdala.
  • According to the nature of things, the commission is not in a position to test the veracity of such rumours or to apprehend the association of events.
  • The answer about the mistress of Thornhurst was brief; she was "much the same;" the servants did not seem to apprehend any danger.
  • We always underrate it when we do not fully apprehend His human nature, and believe that He was tempted in all points as we are.

Definition of Apprehend

(transitive, archaic) To take or seize; to take hold of. | (transitive) To take or seize (a person) by legal process; to arrest. | (transitive) To take hold of with the understanding, that is, to conceive in the mind; to become cognizant of; to understand; to recognize; to consider.
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