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  • This advice was approved by all.
  • The suggestion was approved by all.
  • The appointment was approved by me.
  • All the books chosen have been approved by them.
  • He marks passages approved by you.
  • That law had to be approved by a majority of the people.
  • New taxes must be approved by this assembly.
  • It is approved by you. . . .
  • Is it condemned or approved by the Bible?
  • This ascription is approved by Planche.
  • It was approved by the States, and is as follows.
  • Approved by the Council and Registered.
  • Outline approved by National Headquarters.
  • Approved by the Governor April 4, 1890.
  • So Salome also departed, approved by God.
  • The suggestion was approved by the chiefs of the Allied governments.
  • The Revocation was also approved by those who wished to buy land cheap.
  • Mr. Pyecroft's suggestion was approved by the majority.
  • Then the midwife went out of the cave, being approved by God.
  • And so the end came very swiftly, and was thoroughly approved by Thorpe.
  • The Candle is a great boon to mankind, as approved by all men.
  • M. de Calonne then explained his plans, which were approved by his colleagues.
  • There the Agreement was ratified and publicly approved by Orlando.
  • Our task is done; And, if approved by you, our cause is won.
  • The treaty actually approved by the Senate was one of the English versions.
  • The Revocation was apparently approved by all, excepting the Huguenots.
  • The bill was approved by the President the second day of March, 1867.
  • This resolution was approved by the Executive on the next day, April 20.

How To Use Approved By In A Sentence?

  • All of the plans had been made and all of them had been approved by the young wife.
  • This is the nicest way of preserving salmon, and is approved by all who have tried it.
  • Every teacher of such school must be approved by the town or city school authorities.
  • Where a local council exists, all applications must be approved by the local council.
  • The laws are framed and agreed to by parliament, and must be approved by the king or queen.
  • Labour contracts of married women, approved by their husbands, are legal and binding.
  • The building was constructed from plans approved by him, at a cost of about $200,000.
  • It passed a book full of laws, all of which were state laws, approved by a territorial governor.
  • He was the justice, and owed his position to popular election as approved by the King.
  • This natural right is not only sanctioned, but its exercise is approved, by the Gospel.
  • The blowpipe here represented is the one used by Ghan, and approved by Berzelius.
  • Such a statute passed both branches of the general assembly, and was approved by Governor Grimes.
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