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  • She smiled approvingly at the nurse.
  • The good lady patted her approvingly on the shoulder.
  • I nodded approvingly to the dear girl for her nice thought.
  • Twaddles turned around to beam approvingly at the old lady.
  • He smiled approvingly and made a pretence of turning away.
  • Hartwell smiled approvingly at Pierre.
  • Alexis nodded approvingly to the Buriat.
  • Old Joy groaned so approvingly that he turned to her.
  • Gallagher noted approvingly that he was not even breathing heavily.
  • She nodded approvingly when she read the titles of the more serious essays.
  • She watched approvingly the handy way in which the man settled the cushions.
  • Boy ran her eye approvingly over his loose, big-limbed figure.
  • At this the members of the Sanhedrin smiled approvingly one to another.
  • Kinsell nodded and smiled approvingly as Wayne lighted a cigar.
  • His mother had spoken approvingly of Gertie, and nothing else mattered.
  • The latter smiled approvingly at Jacob, who was preparing to take his leave.
  • His father's eyes lighted approvingly as they surveyed his truly heroic frame.

How To Use Approvingly In A Sentence?

  • The captain, liking the warmth on his broad back, glanced up approvingly at mast and rigging.
  • The Widow Thatcher commented approvingly upon her fine color when she appeared at the house.
  • Dr. Hale clapped her approvingly on the shoulder, but looked doubtingly toward Miss Orella.
  • Martin looked at him approvingly as if this was the sort of hustling he liked, and accompanied him out to the street.
  • The burning of the town has created a sensation, and is spoken of approvingly by the officers and enthusiastically by the men.
  • Gay looked over approvingly a little later when his hearty laugh showed that he was thoroughly amused by something that she had said.
  • Cases have "flags" on them indicating whether they have been overruled or cited approvingly in subsequent decisions.
  • He shook his head at it, and from his wardrobe took a heavy ulster, scanned it approvingly and put it on.
  • The piece goes well, he said to himself, nodding his head approvingly over the wheel on which he was filing.
  • She was glad that he smiled so approvingly upon her, happy that this little frivolity was given the additional delight of his presence.
  • The conservative dog, no longer disquieted by doubts and fears, sat up and blinked approvingly at the preparation for supper.
  • The clerks and cub pilot agreed so approvingly that the actor, lover of lines, was inspired to go on at more length.
  • Louise looked approvingly at the breakfast tray, with the home-made bread and deep-yellow butter, the brown eggs and clear honey.
  • Jan kept very still, and the old man, sitting across the room, nodded approvingly when the dog allowed the bird to peck at the plate of food.
  • The judge inspected the two original documents with the aid of the lens and compared them with the photographs, nodding approvingly as he made out the points of agreement.
  • I was anxious not to sail under false colors, and he expressed himself approvingly of my sentiment, assuring me that my personal views in politics could make no difference in my status on this occasion.
  • His eyes were running approvingly over her perfect figure, noting the straightness of the back, the fine poise of the head, the shapeliness of the slender hands.
  • A considerable number of well-known naturalists either spoke approvingly of it, or advocated similar principles, and for a good many years it was decidedly in the ascendent.
  • Near the stateroom door, chancing to look across the cabin to the one opposite, she saw within two or three of the amateurs clapping and the actor approvingly waving her off.

Definition of Approvingly

in an approving manner
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