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  • All our appurtenances are make-believes.
  • Look at all these luxurious appurtenances surrounding us!
  • All the appurtenances of Roman civilisation had been brought to Britain.

How To Use Appurtenances In A Sentence?

  • The kitchen and all its appurtenances bore witness to the same scrupulous nicety.
  • It was the destruction of a unique civilization with all its appurtenances of hopeless love.
  • Before the train reached New York, all the many appurtenances had vanished from the car.
  • He sat before a table on which were all the modern appurtenances of a business man in close touch with passing events.
  • The dining-room and all its appurtenances spoke of an old regime that was here continued rather than suggested to the memory.
  • Only the old men were permitted to gather around the pigs and the rice-wine and the other appurtenances of the feast.
  • The shed was erected for the accommodation of mowers, horse-rakes, and the necessary appurtenances for haying.
  • With all his comfortable appurtenances wealth could buy and station claim, the retired merchant was not a happy man.
  • There are also churches, theatres, hospitals, markets, and all the other appurtenances of a great city.
  • According to the old Thuringian law the home place and appurtenances of a peasant freeholder passed to the youngest son.
  • The great entrance hall, a grand old room sixty-two feet by thirty-seven, is adorned with armour and other appurtenances to feudal state.
  • Upon the reception of this property the city fathers deemed it necessary to level and grade the old fort and its appurtenances and to lay out streets thereon.
  • After the pony had gone with the last load we suddenly discovered that the tent had been forgotten: it and its appurtenances make a package weighing about 70 lbs.
  • A lady and a gentleman had taken their place in the carriage (it was not yet the moment for the outward crowd of tourists) and had left their appurtenances there while they strolled up and down the platform.
  • Afterward, when it appears in sober decorum, surrounded by all the appurtenances of civilization, it is a very commonplace affair; out under the apple tree it is ambrosia.
  • Already it has manufactures, warehouses, wharves, and stores of considerable magnitude; with all the usual appurtenances of a place of traffic and business.
  • During the days following May 17th we were occupied in getting the engine and its appurtenances ready for work and clearing the rudder-well and the propeller-well.
  • There remained much work to be done in completing the track and the roadbed, station buildings, equipment, and the other appurtenances necessary for a going railroad.
  • The ancients were poorly provided with pots and pans, except of a simple order, or with the appurtenances of a kitchen, and they were sadly to seek in the requisites of a modern table.
  • After an hour Dunn found his man, fixed in the resolve to there and then abandon the game with all the appurtenances thereof, and among these the dinner.

Definition of Appurtenances

plural of appurtenance | equipment used for a specific task or purpose; gear
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