Apron In A Sentence

How To Use Apron In A Sentence?

  • A White Holland apron with two breadths in it.
  • And Mrs. Gullick raised her apron to her eyes.
  • She had borrowed an apron and cap from old Mrs. Lewis.
  • JANET in an apron is hovering busily near him.
  • Grandma looked at her from under the apron she had flung over her head.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Apron | Apron Sentence

  • She had just an apron on her head.
  • Look out for apron strings.
  • Take off your apron and cap.
  • Why should his wife wear an apron at all?
  • Ellen held the apron hard.
  • She threw her apron over her head.
  • She picked her apron full.
  • Rowena sat smoothing out a calico apron she had on.
  • She seized her apron and clapped it to her face.
  • Then she wiped her eyes with her apron and went in.
  • She threw her white apron over her head.
  • Hetty dropped her apron and the chips it held.
  • A blue cheeked apron with strings.
  • And rubbed it well with his apron tip.
  • I saw her put her checked apron to her eyes.
  • She buried her face in her apron and wept bitterly.
  • Soon after he came past with his apron full of nails.
  • Here the woman stopped and put her apron to her face.
  • The girl hid her face in her apron and wept.
  • She threw her apron over her head and swayed and sobbed.
  • The woman began to tug at her apron strings.
  • I carried both letters in my apron pocket all the time.
  • She always put on a clean apron and cap.
  • On the lawn, a man in an apron was at work.
  • From beneath the little apron of the one-horse chay.
  • Liz, in a clean dress and a clean apron served it.
  • The old woman put her newly washed apron to her eyes.
  • She lifted the apron from her hem, her voice hurrying.
  • For, underneath her apron was a blue-barrel 41.
  • Jane Haden took her apron from her face.
  • The Master drops the apron into the grave.
  • But I caught her apron and held her fast.
  • Shaking, Hannah put her apron to her eyes.
  • He rose, with his leathern apron on, and saw me out....
  • Here comes Rollins in his shirt sleeves, with an apron on.

Definition of Apron

(transitive) To cover with, or as if with, an apron. | An article of clothing worn over the front of the torso and/or legs for protection from spills; also historically worn by Freemasons and as part of women's fashion. | The short cassock ordinarily worn by English bishops.
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