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Definition of Aptitudes

plural of aptitude

How To Use Aptitudes In A Sentence?

  • We all have aptitudes and talents that overflow the narrow bounds of our trade or profession.
  • To aptitudes natural and very great, she added a varied assortment of accomplishments.
  • Its subterranean haunts and curious aptitudes for a life below the surface of the ground are peculiarly worthy of study.
  • In this direction, however, his aptitudes were no more spontaneous than they were for the life of cultivated taste.
  • It would be the height of folly for a person wholly destitute of these aptitudes to venture upon such a life as mine.
  • It would be a great mistake to suppose that a woman can play this game without special gifts and aptitudes for it.
  • From such evidence, however, we glean in reality no information whatever about the vocational aptitudes of women.
  • The fundamental trouble is that men and women are different creatures, with different minds and different aptitudes and different paths in life.
  • For it is impossible but that aptitudes and faculties should spring up where they were not before, or spread and grow mightier, by the corresponding acts.
  • With the aptitudes and instincts of our common humanity Eskimo morals, as manifested in truth, right and virtue, also admit of remark.
  • And therefore in no country in the world do the natural aptitudes of communities for special industries constitute such an important element of economic industrial production.
  • The diagnosis of the instinctive and attitudinal characteristics and the recognition of the more specialized aptitudes constitute two points at which the line of advance is relatively slow.
  • Free trade in labour and equality of training, intellectual or physical, is essential if the organic aptitudes of a sex or class are to be determined.
  • The variety and diversity of labors adapts itself to a like and analogous diversity of human characters, tastes, and industrial aptitudes and capacities.
  • The conditions and aptitudes of the Art are most suggestively discussed in the present volume by one who is not only an artist, but also a master craftsman.
  • As soon as we find any subject forced upon all pupils alike as a school requirement we may be quite sure that it will not meet the demands of the individual aptitudes and capacities of some portion of those pupils.
  • With this the discussion of vocational problems ends, so far as girls are concerned, and the remaining space is given over to more adequate consideration of the vocational aptitudes and guidance of boys.
  • The memory of a thousand years of servitude slipped from him, as it were, in a night, and at the touch of the wilderness many of the instincts and aptitudes of a wild thing sprang up in him.
  • And he sat there, trying to face the fact that seemed almost incredible to a man of what seemed to him his aptitudes and capacity, the awful fact that he had not enough to do to fill up his life.
  • Knowledge of personal aptitudes and capacities, interests, and satisfactions, was more or less taken for granted in each case, or at least left to develop in its own way.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aptitudes | Aptitudes Sentence

  • True, there are aptitudes of Nature too.
  • My aptitudes were precisely in line with the field of work I chose.

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