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  • We had time to visit the unequalled aquarium and to do the parade before dinner.
  • As we advance in our practice with the aquarium we may venture to introduce more delicate lodgers.
  • I have never seen him forcing any of his customers to buy from his stock of aquarium fish.
  • There are fishes in the Great Aquarium whose faces twinkle again with quiet fun.
  • So I started out by helping at an aquarium shop in Mapusa, the town nearest my village.
  • We stood beside the aquarium in the centre of the apartment, close to the vase of gold filled with flowers.
  • The pleasure derived from the aquarium comes from the excitement of finding and collecting specimens, as well as from watching the tank itself.
  • With its few green cabbages and turnip-tops, each garden looks something like an aquarium with the water turned off.
  • Specimens for the river aquarium may be readily obtained in almost any brook or pool, by means of the hand-net or dredge.
  • However, she bent forward and smiled in a friendly way at the two gold-fish which were ever and ever swimming round the aquarium in the window.
  • It stood upon a little island rock, jutting out into the sea about the middle of the curve, near the spot where the aquarium now stands.
  • So, too, in watching the aquarium itself, we shall see endless repetitions of those "sea-changes" which Shakspeare sang.
  • In selecting plants for the aquarium some regard is to be paid to the amount of oxygen they will evolve, and to their hardiness, as well as to their beauty.
  • You know Grandfather says that to stock a fresh-water aquarium is like the puzzle of the Fox and the Geese and the bag of seed.
  • It did not glitter in gaudy burnishment, as does our aquarium gold-fish, for example, but gleamed and melted and glowed as though fresh from the mould.
  • And since glass globes refract the light irregularly and magnify and distort whatever is within them, we shall find an advantage in having the sides of the aquarium parallel and the form rectangular.
  • For some time Molly poked carefully here and there, but the spider was not to be found, and the contents of the aquarium were carried back to the wood.
  • If you do not wish to have a hunt for him every morning, you must cover your aquarium with coarse wire netting, for young alligators are always eager to escape from confinement.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aquarium | Aquarium Sentence

  • Learning to make an aquarium tank is great fun.
  • The Aquarium was once a fort on an island in the river.
  • No tank in the Aquarium is more popular than Tank 14.
  • The Aquarium and Water Plants.
  • Those in the Great Aquarium came from Weymouth.
  • Flying: my Lecture at the Royal Aquarium with Fred.
  • To procure specimens for the aquarium requires some knack and knowledge.
  • I also took four types of aquarium toys and two shells for her to choose from.
  • A gentleman in Moira wanted to set up an aquarium at his home.
  • We must have shell-fish, you know, to keep the aquarium clean.
  • During this period I improved my knowledge about aquarium fish tremendously.
  • Tanks of fish are kept in many cities; the only aquarium is at Naples.

Definition of Aquarium

A tank, often made of glass, for keeping live fish or other aquatic animals. | A public place where live fish and other aquatic animals are exhibited.
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