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  • So give me leave to arbitrate amongst you.
  • Already nations have signed treaties to arbitrate many of their differences.
  • Thither he repaired to arbitrate in the quarrel of two Boundary Riders.

How To Use Arbitrate In A Sentence?

  • At the conference it was distinctly understood that the code of principles was to be first adopted and then they would arbitrate other questions.
  • We've been willing to talk the whole thing over all along and we're willing yet or to arbitrate it either.
  • It speaks volumes for the integrity of Luther that both sides were willing to permit him to arbitrate their differences.
  • I will not go to war upon an issue upon which, when we go to a third power to arbitrate upon it, they will say we are wrong.
  • The samurai always carried two swords by his side, one long and one short, to arbitrate right and wrong in altercations.
  • If the child be taught that individuals should arbitrate their differences, can he not learn that the individual nations are subject to the same rule?
  • You don't know anything about these creatures, my dear Abeuchapeta; and, by-the-way, can't we arbitrate that name of yours?
  • But, they did not desire to exercise that power, as it was more the business of the Council to arbitrate and effect settlements than to encourage strikes.

Definition of Arbitrate

To make a judgment (on a dispute) as an arbitrator or arbiter | To submit (a dispute) to such judgment | (mathematics, rare) To assign an arbitrary value to, or otherwise determine arbitrarily.
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