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  • Virgin archaeological territory!
  • They exchanged archaeological facts.
  • An Archaeological Novel.
  • We have a small Archaeological Society.
  • Liverpool Architectural and Archaeological Society.
  • Member of the German Imperial Archaeological Institute.
  • It was the appearance that suggested the title, not any archaeological find.
  • The local Museum is rich in objects of archaeological interest.
  • They were discussing archaeological questions connected with the Holy Land.
  • Corresponding Member of the Imperial Russian Archaeological Society.
  • There's an Archaeological Society in the school, run by him.

How To Use Archaeological In A Sentence?

  • There is also a local archaeological society which seeks to systematize the effort.
  • His love for old ruins and monuments, his archaeological instinct, is evident in every line.
  • His whole store of archaeological records became the property of Fairfax at his death.
  • That the archaeological interest of Lewes owes much to the making of the railway will now be seen.
  • Mike was a member of the Archaeological Society, and had refused to play cricket.
  • And, mark you, laddie, if you belong to the Archaeological Society you get off cricket.
  • And, mark you, laddie, if you belong to the Archaeological Society you get off cricket.
  • The origin and development of the grouping of the stars into constellations is more a matter of archaeological than of astronomical interest.
  • His heart sank as the idea struck him that he had made an interesting archaeological discovery, and that was all.
  • But this is what must happen in all sciences in which there is a healthy growth, and archaeological science is no exception to the rule.
  • The excitement of seeing his household goods smashed with a dumbbell had made the archaeological student quite a swashbuckler for the moment.
  • Wherever Burton was stationed he invariably interested himself in the local archaeological and historical associations.
  • The excitement of seeing his household goods smashed with a dumb-bell had made the archaeological student quite a swashbuckler for the moment.
  • Martin headed an archaeological expedition to Alugean and there uncovered a huge computer library complex.
  • This conclusion, to which a study of the literature invites us, falls in exactly with that arrived at from purely archaeological sources.
  • The Imperial Museum is a very large building and has extensive geological and archaeological departments.
  • A summary of the historical, literary, geographical and archaeological facts which constitute the background of the life and thought of the Bible.
  • Deputations from all the artistic and archaeological Societies presented petitions against it, but the Council refused to read them.
  • Von Humboldt, however, did not carry out so fully the archaeological results, for which indeed the materials were in his day still lacking.
  • At Clealum, we found no archaeological remains, except a single human skeleton unearthed in the sinking of a shaft for a coal mine.
  • A knew to what extent their native diggers had been stealing and disposing of the thefts, under their very archaeological noses, they would not be so happy.
  • The diary of a journey such as we embarked upon is probably of more interest in those features that deal with early western life under then existing conditions than in geological or archaeological observations.
  • The archaeological side of the movement lost its interest; the appeal to antiquity became only a convenient argument to defend practices adopted on quite other grounds.
  • We strongly advise our readers to visit this exhibition, that they may see the rapid progress which the art is making, and how applicable it is to their archaeological pursuits.
  • Day by day he strives to know what can be found ten metres below the surface, what he can discover within the stone, what he can learn by archaeological research in the dust.
  • The great number of natural flints found in the county make it very difficult to recognise these archaeological treasures, many of which must thus escape detection and be destroyed.
  • The science of Sinology (systematic study of China through Chinese texts) has won its place among the archaeological disciplines.
  • What Comrade Outwood will say, when he finds that his keenest archaeological disciple has deserted, I hate to think.
  • A quadruple friendship ensued, and the Burtons, Drake and Palmer made several archaeological expeditions together.

Definition of Archaeological

Relating to the science or research of archaeology.
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