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  • For his language was as archaic and perhaps as incongruous as his architecture.
  • Even the doctor is now largely emancipated from his archaic limitations as a skilled retainer.
  • I have tried to avoid all these except where the context should make plain their archaic sense.
  • It illustrates to good advantage both the skill and the strange fancy of these archaic potters.
  • Elmville knew; for the trump was a fixed one, and its lead consecrated by archaic custom.
  • The interior of the church shows work of an archaic character usually described as early Norman.
  • The attempt to write an archaic Hebrew is marred by the presence of Rabbinical and novel terms.
  • Perhaps in all the legend and all the cult of the goddess there is no more archaic element than this.
  • It was a feminine type that seemed to her as archaic as some reptilian bird of the primeval forests.
  • It cannot be cast aside as something archaic and only a part of the ornamental and useless encumbrances of life.
  • We notice with astonishment the extreme solemnity and strict observance of custom and precedence in this archaic period.
  • Inconsistent hyphenation has been standardised, whilst variant and archaic spellings remain as printed.
  • It is a part of the archaic system of defense to maintain an attitude of distrust and misunderstanding and even fear.
  • Otherwise, archaic spelling and the author's punctuation style have been preserved.
  • Modernize and reform this idea, we must, but we cannot do away with it as something archaic and superstitious.
  • But a buoyant fancy ripples beneath the most archaic of his ballads and a quaintly original turn of mind saves them from their own echoes.
  • To us it is true that the archaic quality, the pseudo-classicism of this pastoral seems at first artificial.
  • It is due also in large measure to the fact that courts of justice are growing reluctant to administer such archaic laws.
  • The flint knives found in mummy-cases are connected with the work of embalming, and show the retention of an archaic usage.
  • No archaic chords or progressions occur, but by a series of miraculous touches the atmosphere of a far-away past is kept before us.
  • My Indians seemed to get hopelessly tangled over archaic words and other impediments here and not at all sure of what they told me.
  • His style, it must be remembered, was archaic in his own time; it could not grow old, for it had never been young.
  • These two paintings are excessively rude, and of the archaic period; the deities being yet thought of chiefly as physical powers in violent agency.
  • It is probable that her most archaic form survived from the "Pelasgian" clays in remote mountainous regions.
  • Transcriber's Notes: Archaic and variable spelling and hyphenation are preserved.
  • Such is the ancient tale of the founding of the Delphic oracle, in which gods, and beasts, and men are mixed in archaic fashion.
  • Conventional and archaic forms do not die out, just because we discover that they are irrational and harmful, and the causes they serve seem to us to be unreal.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Archaic | Archaic Sentence

  • Dialect and archaic spellings have been retained.
  • She was at once the most archaic and modern of states.
  • Trees lose the archaic outline as leaf buds swell.
  • Fragment of Archaic Greek pottery with three Swastikas.
  • An archaic form of "swoon," found in Elizabethan English.
  • The archaic qualities of the figures are fascinating and sometimes diverting.
  • Author's archaic and variable spelling is mostly preserved.
  • From the depths of the archaic skies they were peering, prepared to pounce.
  • By Ernest Chantre, Swastika on Archaic Vase, fig.
  • Mr. Cushing heard a good deal of this archaic poem in his sacred capacity.
  • Detail of Archaic Greek vase with solar goose and Swastika (panel).
  • Author's archaic and variable spelling and hyphenation is preserved.
  • Don't imagine, however, that there is anything archaic in my find.

Definition of Archaic

Of or characterized by antiquity; old-fashioned, quaint, antiquated. | (of words) No longer in ordinary use, though still used occasionally to give a sense of antiquity. | (archaeology) Belonging to the archaic period
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