Arched In A Sentence

How To Use Arched In A Sentence?

  • He walked slowly up and down under the great elms that arched far up over his head.
  • The court ended in an arched passage, through which he gained the street beyond.
  • Hubert stroked the animal; it arched its back, and rubbed itself against his legs.
  • Sometimes the goat bleated, and the kitten arched her soft back to rub it against my hand.
  • Her arched eyebrows rose with nervous twitches and her deep contralto voice rolled sonorously.
  • Moorish arabesques adorn the walls; the arched portals are ablaze with gold and malachite.
  • Jan could see the arched corridors that reached along the big room with its floor of grey stone.
  • I went down the stairs, and found a small chamber with an arched ceiling and two altars.
  • A wide sky arched over them, in which the stars were shining with a soft yet brilliant splendour.
  • Elms arched over it with the regularity of a Gothic vaulting, and it straggled at its will.
  • Ben Jolly arched his eyebrows in an inquiring way and Randy looked Pep over sharply.
  • Discovered that the greatest lift was obtained from a plane flat in front and arched from the side.
  • The yellow kitten arched her back and showed general signs of hostility when the stranger was introduced.
  • He shrugged his shoulders and arched his eyebrows in a kind of protest, which was nevertheless not denial.
  • Suddenly she arched her back like a bow that is being drawn, and a swift leap landed her right on the perch.
  • Rich people who may have endowed or founded sacred edifices are buried in an arched recess of the abbey or church they have benefited.
  • All round the quadrangle are arched recesses or mangers, each with a room at the back, to the number of eighty.
  • Overhead the sky, arched in a cloudless dome of blue, was reflected in the turquoise depths of the water.
  • The room was about twelve feet high, and was ceiled by a circular arched roof, which still remains.
  • This breeze came through arched doors on either hand half open and met in two embracing currents where the picture hung.
  • Through the carriage windows the school, with its arched doorways and windows, gazed frowningly, reproachfully.
  • I noticed that refreshments, including several bottles, had been placed on a big wicker table under the arched veranda.
  • They all have rounded, highly arched bodies, and large compound eyes, the two being united together.
  • The lace of her petticoat, the slenderness of her arched instep, the delicate narrowness of her patent shoes, were revelations to him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Arched | Arched Sentence

  • Mary arched her brows.
  • Her eyebrows arched again.
  • The entrance is an arched gateway.
  • The arched trees made a green canopy above me.
  • Mr. Gibney arched his bushy eyebrows.
  • And mercy's wide arched bow.
  • Rhoda's brows still were arched haughtily.
  • As the arched wing cuts through the air it leaves above it a partial vacuum.
  • She arched her eyebrows, looking round about her comprehensively.
  • His handsome eyebrows arched themselves, and he half smiled.
  • It reached across the cistern and rested upon the sill of the arched doorway.
  • The eyes are lustrous and handsome, beneath finely arched brows.
  • The old horse ducked his head, arched his back, and went at it.
  • The tiny, delicate figure seemed almost lost in the lofty arched room.
  • It arched its neck and whinnied joyfully when Gray came close.
  • By whom?" asked the good-humoured Prince, with arched eyebrows.

Definition of Arched

Curved. | simple past tense and past participle of arch
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