Arching In A Sentence

Definition of Arching

(nautical) hogging, as opposed to sagging | present participle of arch | The arched part of a structure.

How To Use Arching In A Sentence?

  • The blue sky arching overhead and the beauty of the scenery justified the expression.
  • She passed again beyond the edge of the arching trees, and came upon a winding road.
  • The two extended arms together form a long line arching like the curve of a bow.
  • She stood up to catch her breath and smooth her wool skirt, arching back her shoulders.
  • He jogged his horse, and rode slowly home under the arching trees of the long avenue.
  • Eroded walls; niches and tiny gullies; crevices and an arching dome high overhead.
  • She hung back a moment longer, her pretty, arching brows drawn together in thought.
  • Her arching feet are not too small; Her gleaming eyes are bits of heaven.
  • They hemmed him in his triumphal passage under the great arching trees to the new Brewster House.
  • Then I thought of the God of the heavens, that, arching above me, spoke of his power.
  • And, arching over all, a sky as flawlessly blue as the dome of the Turquoise Mosque in Samarland.
  • The scientific arching of the planes to give them the maximum lifting effect was also the result of their investigations.
  • The roadbed was good and the leading car accelerated its speed racing onward under the arching boughs.
  • These airplanes have gained their lifting power partly by increasing the wing spread and partly by arching the wing.
  • Lorinda darted across the room, and jerked aside the heavy brocade curtains which framed the arching doorway.
  • Underneath the arching branches of the banyan tree it was dark indeed, but the silence of it told her that the oxen anyhow were at rest.
  • They climbed a tremendous arching stairway of marble, upon which her low shoes clattered with a pleasant sound.
  • With arms folded across her arching chest she spoke with a richness in her voice that none of her hearers ever could forget.
  • We had landed by the shore of the sea, and the bandits had pushed the vehicle into an arching recess which seemed as though made to hide it.
  • Above her, interlacing beech boughs made an arching roof, under which the shadows clustered as swallows under eaves.
  • Not a cloud tempered the fierce glare of the arching heavens or softened the sharp outline of neighboring peak or distant mountain chain.
  • By arching his back, he brought his face above water, and in a moment he was planing along like a water ski.
  • The little circle of light and the black shadows arching over us were so melancholy that he went off to the house, and returned with two candles.
  • All was beneath a sky so deeply and serenely blue as constantly to recall the arching heavens of middle India.
  • Jim rode in the lead on a splendid gray, with a powerful arching neck, strong shoulders and hindquarters made for speed.
  • How utterly antlike, and morally and physically insignificant, must they seem to the calm eyes that watch them from the arching depths above!
  • In the street the dust lay thick and still, and the wilted foliage of the mulberry trees hung motionless from the great arching boughs.
  • The water was already rising to the roofs of the houses, and on one roof stood a cat, arching her back and mewing pitifully.
  • It was a bright, glorious morning, the arching sky blue overhead, and the air soft with early autumn.
  • He comes in at the end of a long march, arching his neck, shaking his magnificent mane, and occasionally kicking off his load.
  • She was going up the walk to the arching stone entrance when she met the ordinary of the county, and Henley saw her pause and speak to him.
  • The old horse plodded slowly on and the robins called among the elms that stood arching over white farm-houses with blinds, some blue, some green.
  • A high, pointed doorway, elaborately carved, was before her, arching over a dark wooden door heavily studded with nails.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Arching | Arching Sentence

  • And arching of the brow.
  • The form is flatter, the arching differently treated.
  • The outline of his work is very graceful, and the arching admirable.
  • Alone beneath the arching sky, his happiness mounted to the stars.
  • He stood in a shady lane, the arching trees met over his head.
  • Alan, do you see Maimouna arching that beautiful neck of hers?
  • The naiad willow, arching lowland brooks, speaks as water, very secretly.

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