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  • He had gone in for architecture and building.
  • It was a triumph of architecture and landscape gardening.
  • Studied architecture and art at Mark Hopkins Institute.
  • With architecture and its allied branches the case is different.
  • Later we find mention of teachers of architecture and mechanics.
  • Here it represents the highest achievement of architecture and modern comfort.
  • The scenery showed a mockery of ecclesiastical architecture and pious pictures.
  • Gothic brown-gold architecture and three battle scenes complete the page.
  • The lady is walking in a portico of very fine architecture, and reading.

How To Use Architecture And In A Sentence?

  • As he grew older he devoted himself more entirely to architecture and literature.
  • Their church is very capacious, of beautiful architecture, and very richly adorned.
  • Raymond had just come on Gothic architecture and was studying its historical phases.
  • It is over two hundred feet long, and glorious in architecture and ornaments from top to bottom.
  • The five steps allude to the five orders of architecture, and the five human senses.
  • The houses and shops are of a quaint, ancient style of architecture, and very picturesque effect.
  • The profile of mouldings varied with each style of architecture and at each period (Figs.
  • But upon my honour, sir, one hears young ladies now talk of nothing but architecture and divinity.
  • As soon as men begin to talk of art, architecture, and antiquities, nothing good comes of it.
  • We had leisure to observe more particularly the architecture and the appearance of the streets through which we passed.
  • Nor was the passion for antiquity at all so direct an inspiration to that art as it was to architecture and sculpture.
  • I taught you would have to return to make some final notes on my domestic architecture and my curios.
  • The town is rich in specimens of ecclesiastical architecture, and possesses some very handsome churches.
  • Hitherto architecture and decoration have been spoken of as one, as in any well-designed house they ought to be.
  • The palace itself is a most interesting example of medieval architecture, and remains very much in its original condition.
  • The homes themselves were all of different architecture and design: from a southern mansion to a very modern split-level.
  • Sculpture and painting, especially music and poetry, are freer than architecture and the art of gardening.
  • Beecher says that we are all building a soul-house for eternity; yet with what differing architecture and what various care!
  • We cannot too strongly insist upon the fact that whatever appears in illumination has appeared first in architecture and its auxilliary arts.
  • Others worship it for its wonders of architecture, and yet others fall in love with it because of its altogether delightful situation.
  • It moulded their literature, as it did their sculpture, architecture, and the action of their gymnasts and orators.
  • These great monasteries, now deserted, with their architecture and their tombs, are of the highest interest.
  • The details of the dresses, the architecture, and the utensils, are all in accord with the period of each tale.
  • The matter has so direct a bearing, both on the subject of architecture and of democracy, that it is worth discussing at some length.
  • The stone front of the old wall stands as a fine example of the architecture and building of 1751, when the church was finished.
  • My state apartments were built of coral, in wondrous architecture, and trumpet-weed clothed their battlements.
  • The Count explained to me that his favourite pursuit was architecture, and that he preferred buildings of antiquity.
  • Troy, which we reached after a long run through a forest of virgin timber, was still simpler in architecture and general design.
  • I shall be grateful if the reader will in such cases refer the expressions of praise to the Architecture, and not to the illustration.
  • Angels are seen in every possible combination, with ecclesiastical and domestic architecture, and form the subject of many allusions in heraldry.
  • The house was built on to the church, so as to correspond in architecture, and exhibited great taste in exterior as well as interior arrangement.
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