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  • The frolic architecture of the snow.
  • The architecture is of the fourteenth century.
  • The old mission architecture is being revived.
  • It was a triumph of architecture and landscape gardening.
  • This wonder of architecture has no questionable beauty.
  • I said, what a lesson in architecture is here!
  • Their architecture still glows with faith in immortality.
  • Ornament and Architecture Inseparable, 13.
  • The architecture of some of these caravanserais is very fine.
  • The architecture of San Francisco is a medley of many schools.
  • Gothic Architecture in Spain," page 270.
  • He didn't know a damned thing about architecture or construction, of course.

How To Use Architecture In A Sentence?

  • The architecture in the residences evinced a tendency toward the modern as time progressed.
  • The fine proportions and sturdy treatment of the architecture of this house deserve study.
  • But upon my honour, sir, one hears young ladies now talk of nothing but architecture and divinity.
  • The church architecture of the Norman times has plenty of examples in Lancashire.
  • The architecture of the room was painted in 1674 by Willem van Ehrenberg (1637-about 76).
  • The relation between voids and solids in any style of architecture is one of the most vital characteristics.
  • I know not why in real architecture the hunger of the eye for length of line is so rarely gratified.
  • He was struck with the architecture of the colleges, and much surprised at the meanness of the houses that surrounded them.
  • The glory of this institution was not in its architecture or lands, but in that part which could not be seen by the bodily eyes.
  • The architecture of the dwelling-houses is exceedingly heavy, giving them the appearance of great age.
  • Relatively to the general style of domestic architecture in our country, it well deserves the name of castle or palace.
  • Melcourt-le-Danois had that characteristic which goes with all fine and fitting architecture of springing naturally out of the soil.
  • The buildings stand, to mark by their varying architecture the succession of the changeful centuries through which the University has passed.
  • As the architecture of a country always follows the earliest structures, American architecture should be a refinement of the log-house.
  • The chateau of Vitre is also in a state of preservation, and is considered one of the best specimens of military architecture in the province.
  • West Tarring was once a market town and several good specimens of medieval and Tudor domestic architecture still exist.
  • He had studied architecture rather than medicine, and had set his face towards the East rather than the West.
  • If his fame as an ecclesiastic is not so assured as that of his illustrious predecessor, in architecture and in secular history he has left a decided mark.
  • The eggs are then left to hatch, and the young care for themselves, though the adult bee shows greater skill in architecture than the Humble bee.
  • The geometry of the heavens is not more astonishing than the geometry of the beehive, nor is the architecture of the finest city built by man more intricate and masterly.
  • These did not long keep their secrets to themselves, and their interpretation enables us to classify chronologically the works of architecture and sculpture which have been discovered.
  • His distinct influence upon the architecture of that cathedral, in connection with Elias de Derham, is noticed elsewhere.
  • The village is the centre of a delightful neighbourhood and is delightful in itself, not only for the charm of its surroundings, but for its quaint and attractive architecture of the humbler sort.
  • Indeed, whatever we have said respecting the harmony of the ceiling decoration with the architecture of the building, applies equally to the ornamentation of the wall.
  • There is certainly something more poetical in the stern and simple style of architecture of which this noble aqueduct is a specimen, than in the more florid and graceful school of art.
  • Just as the ceiling ornament must accord in character with the architecture of the room in which it is placed, so must the wall decoration be of the same style as the architecture of the room.
  • The exterior of the church (which fronts on the Calle Real) offers an order of architecture very rustic, be it understood.
  • A wall, in front of which is a screen of the most gorgeous and florid architecture and executed in solid stone, separates the nave from the service choir.

Definition of Architecture

The art and science of designing and managing the construction of buildings and other structures, particularly if they are well proportioned and decorated. | The profession of an architect. | Any particular style of building design.
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