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  • He was as ardent a lover as any, and far more favored.
  • He is an ardent admirer of Drs.
  • Since you would kill, put into deed the ardent wish.
  • In a moment the ardent eyes of Charlie smiled down at her.
  • I would prefer to such a trial the most ardent Purgatory!
  • Most manuscripts by ardent literary volunteers are fairly legible.
  • On the couch reclines a sylph-like girl with languishing and yet ardent eyes.
  • It betrays a tolerance springing from ardent doubt, not from ardent faith.
  • He has listened to idle gossip, and ardent youth is easily set ablaze.
  • But a new career now expanded before the ardent mind of Schlegel.
  • Even at that early day France was the ardent champion of aerial conquest.
  • He had the vague yet ardent eyes of the follower of the Lone Trail.
  • And to my cost Theology, With ardent labor, studied through.
  • Then, alas! with naught, Save ardent wishes, can I succor you.
  • Aberdeen was a more ardent Home Ruler than even her brother, Lord Tweedmouth.

How To Use Ardent In A Sentence?

  • There are women who are proud to say that they inspired ardent love at first sight.
  • He did not dream that an old book would affect even the most ardent bibliophile in this manner.
  • An ardent missionary fervour burned in our bones; and we were swept along as by a whirlwind.
  • The disposition of Augustus was naturally benevolent and ardent in the extreme.
  • The ardent yearning, which then awakes in the child, is the purest and deepest love.
  • Had I been an ardent disciple sitting at his feet, he could not have feigned a greater exaltation.
  • They listened to him when he (an ardent Baptist) cleared for action against the Welsh Church.
  • It is not to be wondered at therefore if in such a country there developed an ardent love of the noble sport of horse-racing.
  • Our ardent wishes accompany also our brothers who are called to the flag without distinction of party.
  • He is an ardent automobilist, and his big motor at our door suggests wealth as well as respectability.
  • Greenough was a superior man, ardent and eloquent, and all his opinions had elevation and magnanimity.
  • Thus all the mercantile glories crowd on my fancy, emblazoned in the most effulgent colouring of an ardent imagination.
  • But the aspiring and ardent nature of his intellect made him love to attempt also constant experiments in the theme and in the style.
  • The ardent lad quivered with excitement and noble fervour, while the little lawyer felt himself invaded by pity.
  • He suited the action to the word, and immediately word and act alike were imitated by two or three of his more ardent admirers.
  • He pulled off his cap, and sent her such an ardent smile of gratitude that she melted from the railing like a snowflake under the kiss of the sun.
  • It was some ten days later, and violent winds with heavy rains had driven the most ardent diggers early to their tents.
  • Godfrey showed himself very ardent in his researches, and Tartlet considerably stupefied by his shipwreck experiences.
  • The potion was, however, no more dangerous in its effects than that quantity of ardent spirits which would cause entire insensibility.
  • This had been her misfortune always, the ardent heart joined to the critical judgment, the spectator chained eternally to the protagonist.
  • An election in most places is an occasion for breaking heads, abusing opponents, and other similar demonstrations of ardent local philanthropy.
  • If she tried to draw out that something from Frank, his only reply was an assurance of ardent affection and devotion.
  • My character was always ardent and energetic; and acted upon by my love of justice, determined me by one blow to rid the country of the tyrant.
  • You seldom find a wild rose withered; they cast their petals down without a struggle, and a throng of ardent pink buds are waiting on the bush.

Definition of Ardent

Full of ardor; fervent, passionate. | Burning; glowing; shining.
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