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  • It was an arduous labor.
  • It was an arduous task.
  • It was a long and arduous work he had faced.
  • In London, a period of arduous labour commenced.
  • Few people realise how arduous and how disagreeable public lecturing is.
  • The whole arduous business of government rests on his shoulders.
  • Weeks were spent in this arduous toil, and their efforts were fully rewarded.
  • She was only in her twenty-first year, and had many arduous duties before her.
  • It was slow, arduous going, because of the extreme caution required.
  • The learning of the Indian language was an arduous toil in more ways than one.
  • No duty was too arduous or too dangerous for the Irish Brigades.

How To Use Arduous In A Sentence?

  • An arduous ceremonial, involving worship and devotional preparation, is the means.
  • The labors of Perry in this work of preparation were, in fact, of the most arduous character.
  • Outside the village the march promised to be less arduous than between Imbiki and Msuwa.
  • But the author of "The Vestiges" takes a much wider range, and attempts a more arduous task.
  • In the cities even the slaves have always had a less arduous task to perform than those on the plantations.
  • Schlegel observes that the difference between strict law and equitable law is the most arduous problem in all jurisprudence.
  • Now it would be useless for me to set out the details of this prolonged and arduous chase which in all endured for something over three weeks.
  • After that event, a scrupulous conscience had forced him to take landowning as a profession and an arduous one.
  • How far we have succeeded in this attempt, no less arduous than laudable, it is not for us to determine.
  • The musicians also were refreshed with good wine and liquors, before the arduous labors of the cotillon commenced.
  • He has the typical hard stern features of the official who has worked his way up from the lowest rank in the arduous government service.
  • Notwithstanding the arduous nature of her work and her exceedingly delicate health, she devoted her leisure hours to literary composition.
  • It should be remembered he made this arduous trip without pay and that he made very little money from the sale of walnut seeds or trees.
  • And not only did he take his wheel and lookout, and heave on sheets and tackles, but the dirtiest and most arduous tasks were appointed him.
  • So arduous an undertaking was not abandoned through fear of its danger, because those beginnings were, in the general mind, unfortunate.
  • After that, however important the matter of his private hospital, it was far more important that the arduous house-hunt should come to an end.
  • Nothing, indeed, can be imagined more arduous than this tracking up a swift river, against constant head winds in bad weather.
  • I repeat, I have gone through some arduous times here, in the midst of the foreign invasion of polite society.
  • However, it may be true that even after sound methods have been given a thorough trial, arduous effort still will fail to bring desired results.
  • I was late in meeting the Squire and the Vicar, and that too after making express this arduous ride.
  • It was on the second day after the whisky-running that Kate Seton was returning home after an arduous morning in the village.
  • And, of course, arduous though the transport would be, they could be before Volseni in two or three days more.
  • His experience certainly contained no more extraordinary fact than this conversion of a gambler and a spendthrift into the passionate leader of an arduous cause.
  • It was there they found out by experience the difficulties and hardships and labor they had to surmount in the arduous task of clearing the land for agricultural purposes.
  • To Hungay was given the honor of entertaining me over the Sunday, a pleasant rest after a week of arduous and exhausting walking.
  • Considerable patience and good-humour were called for from both sides, in the arduous course of arriving at an understanding; but finally a bargain was struck.
  • Their zeal could not be restrained here; more arduous was the obligation which had brought them, and the acquiring of some one of the many languages which are spoken in these islands.
  • This arduous task accomplished, the fond mammas stepped back to enjoy the spectacle, which, I assure you, was an impressive one.
  • This the more readily, as he himself agreed to take part regularly in the same, and so relieve the old warrior of what might have proved for him too arduous spiritual toils!

Definition of Arduous

Needing or using up much energy; testing powers of endurance. | (obsolete) burning; ardent | Difficult or exhausting to traverse.
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