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  • You are back in time.
  • Well, they are back again!
  • Here we are back again in the old nest!
  • By the way, you are back soon.
  • However, we are back....
  • Now they are back once more in England.
  • You are back all right, I see!
  • You are back!
  • City men are back.
  • I'm glad you are back with us.
  • I dare say you won't be sorry when you are back.
  • He knows danger lies ahead, but friend and safety are back of him.
  • There he is on one of the platforms, and the Mongols are back in the car.
  • Here is a $5 bill; if you are back in two hours, you need not return it.
  • My systems are back online," I subvocalized.
  • Mrs. Yorke only glanced up and said, "So you are back?
  • The guns--they are back to their old place of glory!
  • It is one o'clock in the morning before we are back at Diou-djen-dji.
  • There they are!--they are back from Church--already!
  • We are back in option one of the Farmers' Tale, before the legislature acted.
  • So you are back in London--sloppy, muggy, February London!

How To Use Are Back In A Sentence?

  • You put the potatoes on when you left home, and now you are back in time to strain them.
  • When the youthful travelers are back and fully established again in their homes, marvelous are the stories that they deal out to their friends.
  • Here we are back again in the atmosphere of the legend, with its magic, its witchcraft, its gross sensuality.
  • Here we are back again in our home, and I was never so thankful in my life to get away from any place.
  • And now they are back, and it is much more important to know what they think now about war than what they thought about it when they were enlisted or drafted.
  • We are out of the Indian country now, and shall see no more Indians until we are back on the Yukon.
  • Rumour hath it that he is on his way to punish, for a second time, the Moorish pirates who are back in their old nest at Tunis.
  • Now we are back in the hotel, and in our cosy bedroom there is little to remind us we have still a continent and ocean between us and our beloved little island.
  • But it wasn't until I heard him talk that I realized how scared people are back there on Earth.
  • Ah, Hans," she added, turning at the sound of the waiter's footsteps, "so you are back at last!
  • I hope your neuralgia, or whatever you may believe the thing was, has gone and that you are back at school instead of languishing and lolling about the house.
  • The natives say that any memos the whites had are back on the last camp we were at on the lake with the natives, as well as the iron-work of saddles, etc.
  • The water then rushes down from all parts of the forest behind Montegnac, from those great slopes which are back of the hills on which you have your park.
  • My boy, when the principles of law are back and under that kind of a page illustration, they are hard to get, and you don't forget them when they're yours.
  • Let us face the truth that we have two institutions which are back numbers in twentieth century civilization: two left-overs from a past-and-gone domestic system of industry.
  • Three large glaciers that once were tributaries still descend nearly to the sea-level, though their fronts are back in narrow fiords, eight or ten miles from the sound.
  • You will like to hear, if only by a scratch, that we are back in Tuscany with all safety, after a very pleasant journey through an almost absolute solitude.
  • If so, then, in judging external objects by your subjective idea, and in making it the standard of whether they are beautiful or not, you are back again at the position of the Sophists.
  • When they are back at evening, white with dust and happily weary, and the launches have taken them all on board the white floating palaces, Syracuse sighs and sleeps again.
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