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  • Many are considered dangerous.
  • None are considered useful.
  • Steel pens are considered the best.
  • The remaining 267 are considered below.
  • You are considered one of the stalwarts now.
  • They are considered a great curiosity.
  • I found that they are considered a delicacy by the natives.
  • Various trifling events are considered as ominous.
  • Stamped letters are considered as paid in cash.
  • Which wires are considered exposed and which unexposed?
  • In this sketch the two towns are considered as one.
  • These little fish are considered extremely fine.
  • Authors are considered young to-day at thirty.
  • They are considered next to fishes in the zoological scale.
  • The worst are considered as worth the price of two horses.
  • Therefore they are considered as sober, dispassionate men.
  • Animals of age groups 3 through 6 are considered adult.
  • These are considered appendants of the Vedas.
  • In India the seeds are considered emmenagogue.
  • The Ghurkas are considered bravest of the brave.
  • There are no plants in this genus that are considered poisonous.
  • The most significant revisions are considered in detail in the notes.
  • Dreams are considered of deep significance by the witch-doctors.
  • Onions are considered more wholesome prepared in this manner than if fried.
  • These mutations are considered in the discussion concerning pelage.
  • All these are considered similar to fish and are eaten similarly.
  • For this reason three will be given which are considered the best and easiest.
  • In the following distribution the non-graduates alone are considered.
  • The shad and the salmon are considered the finest of all fish for eating.
  • The individual tasks are considered as elements of the organization task.
  • Where tiles can be obtained at reasonable prices they are considered best.
  • They are considered among the finest bronzes of the period extant.
  • Finally, the psychological laws of tone-production are considered.
  • They like to see others who are considered very smart get into trouble.
  • And if these are considered, everything that happens reveals itself to man.
  • Some passages are considered parts of familiar pieces otherwise unknown.
  • Cucumbers are considered less unwholesome, prepared in this manner.

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  • Finally the economic and political motives and the historical causes are considered.
  • Persons interested in the result of the trial are considered incompetent to give evidence.
  • It is unscientific, and if you are superstitious you are considered ignorant and laughed at.
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