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How To Use Are Either In A Sentence?

  • But these injunctions are either limited by other precepts or they are unlimited.
  • Such reasonings are either altogether vain or are not really what they profess to be.
  • In the few exceptional cases the partitions are either of glass or of aluminium.
  • Other caves in the same line of bluffs are either very small or almost inaccessible.
  • And that can be done without giving the impression that you are either a prig or a snob.
  • In your whole village there are none so bad off as we are, either for our own work or for yours.
  • Buildings and human figures are either avoided altogether or used as merely subordinate.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Are Either | Are Either Sentence

  • We are either progressing or we are retrogressing.
  • They are either known or unknown.
  • Canoes are either rowed or sailed.
  • Are either of you going down to dinner now?
  • Rites are either propitiatory or memorial.
  • They are either simple or compound.
  • All sins are either personal or social or both.
  • Letters are either burnt or returned to the writer.
  • The bowels are either constipated or too loose.
  • We are either on the road to ruin or salvation.
  • You are either a great fool or a coward or both.
  • The prisons are either forgotten or not shown.
  • Therefore they are either fickle fools or idolatrous items.
  • The gods are either angry or nature is too powerful.
  • We are either growing better or worse all the time.
  • The wild and the hurtful are either tamed or eliminated.
  • Externall hurts are either things naturall or artificiall.
  • Under the little umbels of flowers are either four or two.
  • Birds, to me, are either sparrows or robins.
  • Their huts are either quadrangular, oblong, or circular.
  • Part 2 Forms of speech are either simple or composite.
  • Several illustrations are either blank or have only text in them.
  • Are either of these more worthy of reward on that account than the others?
  • But laws of causation themselves are either ultimate or derivative.
  • Women and children are either killed or are carried away as slaves.
  • The olfactory orifices are either highly or moderately protuberant.
  • And she don't know what they are, either.
  • They are either parasites or scavengers, and sometimes both.
  • The foundations are either flint or brick with a slate damp-course.
  • The olfactory orifices are either slightly, or not at all protuberant.
  • There is no class of freemen; all are either chiefs or slaves.
  • With them there is no medium; they are either heavy, or they are sublime.
  • Luckily, other birds are either less desperate or more pacific by nature.
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