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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Are Invited | Are Invited Sentence

  • Comments and criticisms are invited.
  • They are invited to make investments.
  • All honest people are invited.
  • The fullest suggestions are invited.
  • Sometimes relatives only are invited to these parties.
  • Friend, you are invited.
  • Guests are not to divulge the fact that they are invited.
  • You are invited to join us.
  • They are invited each for specific reasons.
  • To this feast all ancestral anito are invited.
  • However, corrections are invited.
  • When father has a political dinner no ladies are invited.
  • Your family and your guests are invited, of course.
  • Cecile and Luke are invited.
  • But if they are invited, then it is Christianly and good?
  • All are invited.
  • I shall be glad to see you after the lecture to which you are invited.
  • Beware the atmosphere, and the testing to which you are invited.
  • They are invited out and hospitably entertained by people of all classes.
  • So that you are invited on all hands; all conspire to call you.
  • Then paper and pencils are passed and all are invited to take flights of fancy.
  • I must now leave you, as we judges are invited to a feast by the chief prophet.
  • Every member or applikant owning a good dogg, are invited tew bring the dogg.
  • A feast is held, to which all the warriors, old men, and jugglers, are invited.
  • School Committees and Teachers are invited to examine these popular books.
  • Gentlemen of Tewksbury, Lowell and vicinity are invited to attend.
  • And please get dressed; we are invited to the Marcus Baynes for dinner.

How To Use Are Invited In A Sentence?

  • Then we are invited to twice as many private dinners and luncheons as we can attend.
  • Friends and relations are invited to come by a messenger especially sent out from the house.
  • There is but one starting-point for reflection when all men are invited to share in it.
  • Thousands have walked in the way you are invited to enter, and have found it good.
  • Men are invited to a breakfast, but usually at a luncheon the guests are all women.
  • On the left is the orchard, and we are invited to refresh ourselves with juicy apples.
  • It is Holiness above everything else that we are invited to look to, to trust in, to rejoice in.
  • Original contributions and correspondence are invited from all ranks of the Field Force.
  • Their old foes are invited, and if any Pima or Maricopa attends he is given a horse.
  • On these occasions, in Vienna, as I have been informed, even actors are invited to help.
  • We are invited to go to Constantinople this summer, to visit the American Minister there.
  • Where the list of acquaintances is very large it sometimes happens that a portion of the guests are invited to the church only.
  • We are invited to occupy ourselves only with spiritual cash, because the universe is spiritually insolvent.

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