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  • High interests are involved.
  • This is because such long terms are involved.
  • Before you realize it your affections are involved.
  • Immense human and personal interests are involved in them.
  • When war is declared, who are involved in it?
  • The breasts also are involved in the shrinking process.
  • We are involved in a hopeless, logical contradiction.
  • Three points are involved in the words: 1.
  • A cult of State and of self-worship are involved in it.
  • Many important considerations are involved in this proposition.
  • Then if both are involved, they have to contact each other sometime.
  • In what a strange complication of being and not-being we are involved!
  • But much deeper things are involved than the mere matter of time.
  • None of these things are involved in the Darwinian hypothesis.
  • If we adopt this amendment, these two questions are involved in one vote.
  • Questions are involved there which no one but God can determine.
  • Two things are involved in any such scheme for a League of Churches.
  • Nor can I. There has been some talk that his affairs are involved.
  • They'll trust each other engaged in the crime because all are involved.

How To Use Are Involved In A Sentence?

  • They are involved in endless complications which are yet only to a very limited extent unravelled.
  • There are involved in this dispute two theses which are often confused together.
  • As no new principles are involved, it may suffice to exhibit some of the results.
  • The couple may feel that only their own lives are involved, but they are all too often wrong.
  • The wherefore is a mystery, but peace of heart and beauty of life are involved with doing it.
  • Although the ground-plans of the temples are well known, their elevations are involved in doubt.
  • Photographs show that the brighter stars of the Pleiades are involved in nebulosity.
  • But where his own adventures or credit are involved he is hardly more trustworthy than Falstaff.
  • The treasonable views entertained by Murray and his friends, are involved in no such doubt.
  • When, for example, the hand describes a circle in the air, a number of muscles are involved.
  • Two pairs of sex linked characters, viz., white-red and yellow-gray are involved.
  • The hairs are involved early in the disease, become brittle, lustreless, break off and fall out.
  • The chief national customs of the Southern Slavs are involved in a mass of superstition.
  • The false, the ugly, the evil, the nasty are involved in the true, the good, the beautiful.
  • The one time Sharp-tailed Sparrows almost always sing is when they are involved in fighting.
  • Further consideration at once reveals certain subprocesses which are involved in every reflective operation.
  • But the believer in democracy and the believer in autocracy will both assert that deep differences in principle are involved.
  • And yet wars are always conducted with moral justification and in the belief that moral principles are involved.
  • In cases of great severity the gangrene of the keratogenous membrane spreads until the deeper structures are involved.
  • In that sentence are involved the principles of that higher statesmanship before which the expedients of merely expert men dwindle into nothing.
  • And as it sustains a vital connection with the solar system, he must have grasped all the mysteries which are involved in it.
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