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  • You are new in the islands?
  • There are new people in there.
  • All the rest of them are new ones.
  • It may happen they are new to you.
  • They are new to most of the present generation.
  • Harry has views that are new and wide-reaching.
  • When you leave the towns your clothes and mind are new.
  • But these are new names invented in the last twenty years.
  • And if those are new ones, where are the old ones?
  • You are new to the Inside.
  • California and Nevada are new countries.
  • There are new lands, new men, new thoughts.
  • But you see, these are new kisses for Leander.
  • There are new waters, and a new Humanity.
  • O God, Thy mercies are new every morning!
  • We are new.
  • Pictures are new.
  • Yours are new.
  • But you are new.
  • This year we have grafted eight varieties of which seven are new.
  • He agreed with our grandmothers that what men need are new hearts.
  • Also the cook and chambermaid are new, and remarkably inexpert.
  • You are new to this work, and the weight of the gun takes it out of you.
  • There all things are new and strange, not to be reckoned by our measures.
  • We are new creatures, and even the bare living has to be acquired.
  • Are we to be daunted, therefore, because the conditions are new?
  • A few are new; most of them have stood here one or two hundred years.
  • Of course there are new species of animal and plant life, but not many.
  • There are new things in the field, things that pay better than gold.
  • The remarks of Karsten on this head are new and worthy of attention.
  • Sorry, but the pieces I was playin' are new ones.
  • And these few that stay behind are new colonists in West Cornwall.
  • There are new trails to be traveled Back to old Olongapo!

How To Use Are New In A Sentence?

  • Some of them are new combinations and their justifications will be published elsewhere.
  • Its crew are new hands, and therefore require much instruction from the cockswain.
  • There are new ones written, to be sure, but the public has not learned to care for them.
  • The rules of evidence regarding boards are new, waffling, and understood by nobody at all.
  • The first two are new ships, with electric lights, and all other appliances to match.
  • This growing point splits, and gives rise to several fibrils, which are new axis-cylinders.
  • The Lutaya nation are new in these islands, and live more on the seas than on their plains.

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