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  • We are all bearing it with you and are suffering with you.
  • You are suffering very much.
  • And you are suffering in consequence.
  • You exaggerate because you are suffering from a shock.
  • Innocent men are suffering that humanity may be saved.
  • It seems to me that you and I are suffering from that now.
  • All that you are suffering I have suffered.
  • Anne and Lydia are suffering in a way.
  • Your hands tremble, you grow pale; you are suffering.
  • I now see that you are suffering more intensely than I.
  • I know you are suffering dreadfully, Mr. Jarvis.
  • You are suffering.
  • That speech means that you are suffering from the same complaint.
  • Still they can feel that they are suffering for their country, too.
  • And besides our inevitable losses we are suffering from criminal waste.
  • I daresay you are suffering damned torments, but you are being unfair.
  • We are suffering so much together, aren't we?
  • It tortures me to think that you are suffering more than I do.
  • I see, from your face, that you are suffering from an overflow of bile.
  • But not the less do I see that you are suffering from remorse.
  • At present you are suffering, and I have some power to comfort you.
  • The Arab horses are suffering badly in their eyes from the glare of the snow.
  • When I see men suffering, I know they are suffering for a reason.
  • Every day pupils are suffering because of the teacher's hatred of himself.

How To Use Are Suffering In A Sentence?

  • He says my stomach and left lung are suffering from the pressure which was put on them.
  • We are suffering and shall probably continue to suffer from too much regulation.
  • First, those who have only practiced self-abuse and are suffering from emissions.
  • We are suffering from the shyness of tyrants; from the shrinking modesty of tyrants.
  • The civil population are suffering terribly on account of the war; they have been so neglected.
  • We believe that it is only the landlords, or the landlords and farmers, who are suffering.
  • Five are suffering from it now, and never a day passes ere one or more is not attacked.
  • The fact that other children are suffering similarly every day makes the record worth repeating.
  • It is an agony to know that those dear to you are suffering, perhaps dying, there!
  • Over three million persons in our country are now sick, and many of them are suffering much pain.
  • And the working-classes are suffering from a gigantic inferiority complex . . . .
  • They say that the people of the North are suffering terribly for the want of food.
  • I must go back to Sagamore to relieve the anxiety of those who are suffering on your account.
  • Many of the Wats are suffering greatly from the ravages of time, and some are almost ruined.
  • I've been through all the misery you're going through, and I know what you are suffering.
  • Those who are suffering from constipation are appreciably benefitted by the use of distilled water.
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