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  • They moved around a large area while they brandished their blades at one another.
  • The area ranged over by a trailed individual was not significantly greater in either case.
  • Lloyd nodded to him and they reconnoitred the entire area around them, in search of some place.
  • The area had once been a grass-plot, but was now shagged with briars and rank weeds.
  • Beneath, centred about the slubbering noise, was an area of agitated phosphorescence.
  • After 8.0 p.m. all the messages in the town area are delivered from the head office.
  • Fourth, that change of pressure changes the area of contact, as is true of solids generally.
  • The Prussians turned their machine guns on the spot and plowed the area with scorching fire.
  • Winter range of 7.9 acres (solid line) increased to 9.5 acres in summer by area in dashed line.
  • The observer has been instructed before leaving the ground that a certain area or trench is to be photographed.
  • Boyce made it to his feet and staggered about the area until he found the laser that he dropped early into the struggle.
  • Cottontails range over a larger area in summer than they do in winter because suitable cover and food is more abundant in summer.
  • In walks through the study area approximately three times as many cottontails were flushed at night as in the daytime.
  • Obviously, in this way a very large area of plates could be secured with a minimum degree of separation.
  • The reason for giving the fuse the largest possible surface area is to decrease the likelihood of the fuse being ruptured by lightning.
  • Since the signature of that treaty American supremacy in this area has not been seriously questioned.
  • The average length of trails of cottontails flushed by me in the study area was 80 feet in summer and 210 feet in winter.
  • The cottontail usually establishes its home range in the area where it was born, being semi-gregarious and tolerant of crowding.
  • Cottontails observed foraging were estimated to utilize 10 to 20 per cent of the home range area in one evening.
  • The large rural area is for the greater part agricultural in character, but there are collieries and stone quarries in some few districts.
  • If unable to find a hiding place a pursued cottontail will run 600 to 1200 feet while circling and returning to the area from which it ran.
  • The problem of a safe landing could best be solved by building wings whose area could be altered in mid-air.
  • We have already seen that the capacity of a condenser depends upon the area of its plates, and also upon their distance apart.
  • Bell had by this time become a laughing-stock far beyond the confines of the metropolitan area of London.
  • The area is thus an alternating series of three wooded slopes and two grass-covered, relatively level areas.
  • The area devoted to this crop in 1879 was 14,480,019 acres, and the total commercial crop was 5,755,359 bales.
  • In a woodland area of approximately 21 acres 33 cottontails were living together in September, 1955.
  • With the final particles of light scattering through the forest, Boyce scanned the area to make certain that no animals were in the vicinity.
  • The Bristol postal area is an extensive one, the distance from point to point being thirty miles, with width ranging from five to twelve miles.
  • At Unadilla Brant had begun to fortify an area which lent itself to defence, and thither the tribesmen flocked from the surrounding districts.
  • Hilltop rock outcrops on the area provide excellent protection for the cottontail especially from low temperatures and freezing rain or blowing snow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Area | Area Sentence

  • The entire area supports rainforest.
  • The fixed tail area is 32 sq.
  • The area under cotton is about 1,800,000 acres.
  • All individuals for which any area was recorded were included in the average.
  • The cottontail usually settles down in one area and stays there until it dies.
  • In 1906 the total area was 28,686,000 acres and the crop 13,305,265 bales.
  • By December it was five months old and occupied an area of about eight acres.
  • Floor area of the Kingston works in March, 1913, was 30,000 sq.
  • Sixteen cottontails were marked in the same area by Robert L. Packard in 1954.

Definition of Area

(mathematics) A measure of the extent of a surface; it is measured in square units. | A particular geographic region. | Any particular extent of surface, especially an empty or unused extent.
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