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  • The Council was elected by larger areas with the cumulative vote.

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  • The rows may be opened with a small turning plow, or, for lesser areas, with a shovel.
  • One other result of this development is the terrible congestion of populations in manufacturing areas with all the social and human difficulties that this implies.
  • The administrative areas (with some exceptions) were then divided into single-member constituencies, but it was soon found how unsatisfactorily this system works.
  • But, as stated above, the enemy also attacks occasionally well out to sea and in other dispersed areas with a view of scattering the limited anti-submarine forces available.
  • This species is found in thickets of Gambel oak and in areas with an overstory of mixed shrubs only when a living pinyon-juniper canopy is present, or when a woodland adjoins these areas.
  • Therefore this operation might be altered to the form, "to capture or destroy enemy trade by raiding focal areas" (with a designation of the areas).
  • The usual sea routes which pass through the theater are an important subject of study; also, particular focal points, defiles, and restricted waters which are, or may prove to be, critical areas with respect to own or enemy forces.
  • All boroughs which on June 1, 1888, had a population of not less than 50,000, boroughs which were already counties having a population of not less than 20,000, and a few others, were formed into separate administrative areas, with the name of county boroughs.
  • In the deep sea, where the hard parts of dead organisms fall through many thousands of feet of water, their more soluble portions are removed and the bottom is covered throughout vast areas with a pinkish clay composed of the more insoluble residue of the calcareous shells and the cases of silica-secreting animals and plants.
  • Under curtains of fire, with the concentration heavy at one point and weak at another, with machine gun or sniping fire developing in some areas, with the smoke and the noise, with trenches to cross, the business of keeping a wave of men in line of attack for a long distance--difficult enough in a manoeuver--was possible only when the initiative and an understanding of the necessities of the situation exist in the soldiers themselves.
  • Hills._--The sands winnowed by the winds from the bare plains and steep bluffs are in certain places on the Great plateaus gathered into dunes which cover great areas with a succession of low dome-shaped hills.
  • _ is the larger, more robust animal, capable of rapid running and occasional saltatorial bounding; individuals of this species can traverse large areas with ease.
  • Judging from the vegetation at the above localities, _M. mexicanus_ is to be expected in drier areas with less cover than _M. montanus_ inhabits, and in areas having less cover than those inhabited by _M. longicaudus_. Microtus montanus fusus Hall Montane Vole _
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