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  • They are arguments that I make.
  • They are not arguments that I feel.
  • Such is the substance of the arguments that meet us at this stage.
  • It is presumed in these arguments that two engines are to be installed.
  • Not one of you can advance arguments that will convince those who reason.
  • But let us consider the arguments that can be brought forward in favor of it.
  • Probably the arguments that came from France were what carried conviction.
  • He can't answer those arguments that Murray gave me.
  • This is the flip side of the arguments that Diderot and later Hugo put forward.

How To Use Arguments That In A Sentence?

  • But there are scores of arguments that would confute and overwhelm this somewhat gloomy view.
  • All the arguments that she could put into words against inter-race marriage seemed inadequate.
  • We have perfectly stupendous arguments that never get anywhere, but utterly exhaust both of us.
  • But it is not from crude psychological arguments that he forges his tremendous Key.
  • I saw, as he went on with his arguments, that she had become to him an Ophelia, weakly led.
  • It is not by profound theological arguments that we can deal with men who can neither understand nor appreciate them.
  • When you get out into the world you will work out your own way of making briefs for any arguments that fate imposes on you.
  • So cogent were his arguments that some of the members who secretly shared his opinions used their influence to save him from punishment.
  • Arguments that national prosperity has followed a higher or a lower tariff are especially apt to be vitiated by this error.
  • If he opens his mouth to justify himself, they refute him with arguments that he does not understand; there is a wall between them.
  • Take care not to listen to this sophistry, for it is just by the systematising of these arguments that legal plunder becomes systematised.
  • Most arguments that the other side will abuse any power that is given to them may be regarded as falling into the class of incomplete dilemma.
  • He sought to convince her by simple arguments that she was beholding images which had no reality, mere reflections of her own thoughts.
  • There is really nothing recondite or mysterious about nationalism, despite all the arguments that have raged concerning its exact meaning.
  • Murray saw that this loss had had more to do with the decision than any arguments that had been advanced, and he, too, dropped his bantering tone.
  • They seem to me to be eminently sound, and I do not remember your bringing any counter-arguments that would affect them.
  • Natasha's beauty and Bodlevski's brains were such strong arguments that the company willingly accepted them as new recruits.
  • I can well credit every promise of such gratitude, and have only to ask in turn, Are these the arguments that should sway us now?
  • And at each stage there are strenuous arguments that the ideas of that particular live years are the only hope for the preservation of the art concerned.
  • I remember how I struggled against their arguments that Lincoln was an uneducated, uncultured rail-splitter.
  • The arguments that he had intended to use had completely fallen through; all that he had now to do was carefully to prevent any suspicion of his disappointed project.
  • See,' he added, going over the arguments that he had no doubt prepared, 'it is not as if you were like poor Emma.
  • With respect to the utility of this figurative writing, the same arguments that have been advanced in favour of descriptive poetry will be of weight likewise here.
  • I did not really appreciate the infamies that have been committed in the name of religion, until I saw the iron arguments that Christians used.
  • The verses, the phrases, the arguments that we know by heart often become so wholly ours that they weave themselves unconsciously into the texture of our speech.
  • They sat there pleading, Gibson and de Leval, bringing forth all the arguments that would occur to men of sense and sensibility.
  • The arguments that they set forth were such that it seemed as if they wished to persuade us to baptize them without cutting off their hair, and without forbidding them to return to their own country.
  • When we have collected all the arguments that authorize belief in another life, and when we have thus arrived at a satisfying demonstration, there remains an obstacle to be overcome.
  • Accordingly I have laid out this book in order to start students as soon as possible on the same kind of arguments that they are likely to make in practical life.
  • To him the preceding arguments that the spirit can not have existed prior to birth, and has a common, a cotemporary origin with the physical body, is fatal to its existence after death.
  • Thus they have no consistency in their arguments; that is, they argue one way to-day, and not exactly the other way to-morrow, but indirectly the other way at random.
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