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Definition of Arithmetic

(mathematics) Of, relating to, or using arithmetic; arithmetical. | (arithmetic) Of a progression, mean, etc, computed solely using addition. | The mathematics of numbers (integers, rational numbers, real numbers, or complex numbers) under the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

How To Use Arithmetic In A Sentence?

  • The theorems of cardinal arithmetic are frequently used in ordinary conversation.
  • The first thing was to count them, a great process of arithmetic to most of them.
  • She knew only abstractly by the way of her arithmetic that such vast sums of money existed.
  • Calculation of kind, quantity, and cost of material to be worked out in an arithmetic lesson.
  • There is a school, for teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic to the boys from without....
  • No rule in Arithmetic is plainer than this law of Sociology, and Nationalism is its expression.
  • How many bodies there may be revolving about the sun we have no means to determine or arithmetic to express.
  • Philosophical truth is no sum in arithmetic to be totted up so that the answer is thus formally and finally correct or incorrect.
  • Here is another little sum in arithmetic which will explain more than a lengthy disputation upon the subject of our national ruin.
  • She is taught the art and the rules of these useful employments the same as those of reading, writing and arithmetic in the school room.
  • He wrote a number of works on mathematics, including excellent text-books on arithmetic and algebra.
  • A simple sum of compound addition puzzled the man who, an hour before, could have gone through the whole of the arithmetic in his sleep.
  • At last he suddenly waked up and began to get top-marks not only in Arithmetic but in every other subject as well.
  • Stanford achievement test, Intermediate and advanced arithmetic tests; directions for administering.
  • SEE Stretch, Lorena B. Arithmetic for today, a combination text and exercise book.
  • Other miscellaneous routines handle arithmetic processes, e.g., number conversions, and communication with the input or output devices.
  • Harry, who was toiling over his arithmetic under the cedar, with the help of a tutor from Riebenbridge and a box of counters, obeyed with alacrity.
  • A girl who is stupid at mathematics becomes the first mathematician of her class if she by chance meets somebody who can explain to her the elements of arithmetic which she did not understand.
  • Why are not the application of these laws to the management of infants and young children as important to a woman as the application of the rules of arithmetic to the extraction of the cube root?
  • In order to make himself more proficient in calculating astronomical tables he studied arithmetic and geometry, and learned mathematics without the aid of a master.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Arithmetic | Arithmetic Sentence

  • What are they in the arithmetic of eternity!
  • Felix has worked all his arithmetic problems by himself.
  • Standard service arithmetic workbook.
  • Hundred-problem arithmetic test.
  • He knows more arithmetic than many children.
  • Standard service arithmetic work-book.
  • And soon their arithmetic looks very shabby indeed.
  • Dry logic of arithmetic asserted itself and Ben noted it.
  • Standard service arithmetic work-book Grades 6-8.
  • It is also part of the Arithmetic Element.
  • His famous arithmetic appeared in 1677 and went through many editions.
  • SEE Crathorne, A. R. Arithmetic we use.
  • Stanford achievement test, Intermediate arithmetic tests; test and key.
  • The Accumulator is the main register of the Arithmetic Element.
  • KNIGHT, F. B. Arithmetic for the emergency.
  • CLARK, JOHN R. Hundred-problem arithmetic test.
  • MERTON, ELDA L. Arithmetic we use.
  • SEE Ruch, G. M. Standard service arithmetic workbook.
  • SEE Ruch, G. M. Standard service arithmetic workbook.
  • And arithmetic is something you do not understand," pursued Miss Pinshon.

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