Armadillo In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Armadillo | Armadillo Sentence

  • But the armadillo went on and on.
  • The armadillo is a favorite subject.
  • But the scent of the giant armadillo eluded us.
  • Symbol or head of the armadillo of Yucatan.
  • Cup with legs imitating the armadillo 77 97.
  • Cup with legs imitating the armadillo 77 98.

How To Use Armadillo In A Sentence?

  • The rustling of dry leaves attracted our attention to a slope opposite to us, on which an armadillo was seen.
  • The armadillo is also found covered with large scales, and when disturbed curls up similar to our hedgehogs.
  • The hedgehog, ant-bear, and armadillo are plentiful, as also many kinds of earth-animals, generally found in the more open parts.

Definition of Armadillo

Any of the burrowing mammals covered with bony, jointed, protective plates, order Cingulata, found in the Americas, especially in South America.

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