Armand in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Armand

1. I am Count Armand de Pontmartin. 🔊

2. My father was Armand Patrice Belval. 🔊

3. A trader, Armand de Montlivet, from Montreal. 🔊

4. Session A. C. Armand Colin. 🔊

5. Richelieu, Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis, 100. 🔊

6. The Life and Works of Friedrich Armand Strubberg. 🔊

7. This big church of St. Armand has a great pointed roof of shining tin. 🔊

8. Chateaubriand sympathized, nay, more, fraternized, with Armand Carrel. 🔊

9. Marrast, Armand (1780-1852), and the Provisional Government, 71. 🔊

10. Then ARMAND met Lady VIOLET. 🔊

How to use Armand in Sentences?

1. After some difficulty she procured Alan a permit to leave the city under the name of Armand Roche. 🔊

2. The speciality of Raoul and his brother Armand was attacking coaches which carried government money. 🔊

3. The Clemenceau version that the discussions between Revertata and Armand were proceeding on his entry into office is incorrect. 🔊

4. St. Armand is in the French country which lies between the town of Quebec and the townships where the English settlements are. 🔊

5. He is reduced to maintaining that Major Armand was M. Clemenceau's confidential man. 🔊