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  • He had them put on armlets of precious stones and mix sweet-smelling herbs.
  • Imitations of wristlets, armlets and anklets were also painted on the body.
  • There were also rows of brass rings on his legs, and armlets of white shells.

How To Use Armlets In A Sentence?

  • After all, one could alternate the badges and the armlets and, at a pinch, wear them all together.
  • Both men and women wear armlets and fillets of skin or feathers according to the animal character they represent.
  • Ulenspiegel saw there a great number of girls wearing on their arms armlets of a colour different from that of their fustian dress.
  • There are about six of these necklaces in Bontoc, and it is almost impossible to buy one, but the armlets are more plentiful.
  • The sign of that obligation was to place certain armlets on the arms, as for instance, twigs of osier, more or less according to the station of the dead.

Definition of Armlets

plural of armlet
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