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  • German armour was popular.
  • Joints in his armour who can spy?
  • Let the rust their armour eat.
  • Your armour does not fit you well.
  • And then he espied that he had his armour and his horse.
  • Marines in armour stood on the forecastle.
  • Hugh noted that his armour was covered with blood.
  • Laughter is the one armour which only the gods can pierce.
  • His protective armour was weaker than that of the enemy.
  • She put on her armour to do battle for her husband.
  • The armour of horses was as ornate as that of the riders.
  • The best armour against misfortune is prayer.
  • He first learned it when he found his armour bloody.
  • Its armour hardly yields before that of the oyster-plant.
  • Nor was it always easy to wear the armour of that ideal.
  • She comes out in blazing armour if you unmask a battery.
  • Be merry; that is the best armour against love.
  • In her armour of glances, and blushes, and sighs?
  • Lord Armour began to talk kindly.
  • Foreign Armour in England.
  • The whole Armour of God be between me and you!
  • It's when they have their armour on that they bore me.
  • I had got right between the joints of his armour of impassivity.
  • Both were in armour and both were mounted upon beautiful horses.
  • The armour he wore was a like indication to the person who avoided him.
  • Jeff's armour of reserve seemed impenetrable.
  • Fragments of metal rattled against the thin armour of the conning-tower.
  • They donned their armour and set their weapons in their respective holsters.
  • Loose armour is represented being supported by four armed knights.
  • Knights and nobles lie clad in armour with their ladies by their sides.
  • The tunics worn over armour offered great opportunities to the needleworker.
  • Forty men in armour might stand in the maintop and fire down upon the enemy.

How To Use Armour In A Sentence?

  • The eccentricity that was to cover my ignorance should be defensive armour only.
  • The four archangels are frequently represented in complete armour and with swords.
  • Therewith he took his armour and let himself down from the window by a sheet to the four knights.
  • Lastly the crustacean confines itself to making a suit of armour out of its mineral skin.
  • He seemed to have clad himself from head to foot in an impenetrable armour of reserve.
  • That was incorrect, for he wisely wanted to test the armour before trusting himself in it.
  • The picador himself is not in great danger, for his trousers are armour plated.
  • The armour plating on his chest had a large gash in it and blood was spurting out from the cut.

Definition of Armour

(transitive) To equip something with armour or a protective coating or hardening. | (transitive) To provide something with an analogous form of protection. | (uncountable) A protective layer over a body, vehicle, or other object intended to deflect or diffuse damaging forces.
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