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  • An aroma of good tobacco hung about.
  • This will prevent the delicate aroma from evaporating.
  • There was the faint aroma of tobacco about the place.
  • A delicious aroma arose and spread far.
  • I could smell the good aroma of that coffee.
  • Through the aroma his imagination detected an odor of vulgarity.
  • Crushed they give out an aroma suggesting a delicate perfume.
  • It came in his letters and distills in the aroma of his talk.
  • The aroma that arose before the wickets was indescribably potent.
  • Tempting as was the tree the aroma of browned turkey rose in his nostrils.
  • He disappeared behind the building, leaving the aroma of his pipe after him.
  • The sentences made him think of the dainty, sweet aroma of pressed roses.
  • There Catalina was noisily distilling an aroma from goat liver and onions.
  • She took the pipe of peace, which herbs A sweet aroma lent.
  • John Bedford, in a dream, as it were, felt a delicious aroma in his nostrils.
  • She also had her ideas about the delicacy and the aroma of a maiden's love.

How To Use Aroma In A Sentence?

  • Antonia had set her plate before her, and the aroma of the roast was in her nostrils.
  • The aroma of the coffee floated like a delectable substance through the still air.
  • He lit a cigar, but he might have been smoking seaweed for all the aroma there was in it for him.
  • The aroma of some utterly evil and abominable personality seemed to come into his brain.
  • The air was perfumed with the aroma of flowers and moistened by the delirious play of fountains.
  • Did ever any such tantalizing aroma drift upon the air as ascended from the browning turkey?
  • The steam contains the aroma or fine volatile oil and essentials which pass into the air.
  • When the lid is raised, the aroma of the steam is like nothing else in the world.
  • When we entered, it was lit only by a good fire, and pervaded by a pleasant aroma of peat smoke.
  • Drew sniffed the aroma of the bacon Donally was frying, his stomach protesting plaintively.
  • Mr. Chipps the grocer and principal bass followed, bringing with him an aroma of cheese.
  • There was a faint aroma of tobacco on the air, not the sort of tobacco likely to be consumed by a caretaker.
  • A fragrant aroma of coffee and bacon crisping on a fire made him realize that he was ready for a solid meal.
  • Broken in a earthly sense, but the rich aroma sweetened the whole air about and ascended to the very heavens.
  • The air breathed by the boy when he first became conscious of his own individuality was certainly heavy with the aroma of satisfied ambition.
  • The coffee was ready and its delicious aroma and flavor amply repaid one for the time and trouble taken to make it.
  • He swayed a little as he walked and the aroma of whisky came with him, but otherwise he seemed perfectly sober.
  • When he awakened the shadows had lengthened to those of mid-afternoon, and there was a delicious, unaccustomed aroma in the air.
  • There'll probably be a fire in the sitting-room at home, and a strong aroma of coffee and tobacco.
  • It was as though the night and the damp, and even the moonlight, were drawing the aroma from all the flowers that blossomed.
  • The coffee was bubbling away gaily, sending its aroma far and wide upon the whispering morning breeze.
  • As you know, our olfactory senses are virtually nonexistent, but we are aware of a slight essence of this aroma which we find most pleasing.
  • There was a mingled odour of foods, piping hot, and over all the grateful aroma from half a dozen coffee-pots.
  • Perhaps the delightful aroma that began to drift out of the partly open cabin door helped to urge Frank to hasten.

Definition of Aroma

A smell; especially a pleasant spicy or fragrant one.
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