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  • There was nobody in danger except stragglers around on the flanks of that mark.
  • The word had been passed and the family notified to assemble around the bed and see me off.
  • A good many who had been to the National had got around to the rival playhouse.
  • The full tide of his universal goodness flows within us, and around us on all sides.
  • Look around the school-room and name the materials which had to travel a long distance before we could have them for our use.
  • That very evening he would sketch out a new dramatic movement around which all the other movements of the act would cluster.
  • That description floated around the country in the papers, and was in constant use and wear for a quarter of a century.
  • Then they went treacherously around and advertised the "sell" which they were going to play upon me.
  • Then, raising her face from the flame, she looked around with the air of one seeking for some topic of conversation.
  • They finally decided to "close for repairs" for a spell and look around for a new location until fall.
  • And around the very lights themselves, there would be nothing soothing and sublime, in which the soul might rest and the imagination revel.
  • I wandered around the streets for an hour, trying to think up some way to get that money, but nothing suggested itself.
  • All around stands filled with books in gilded bindings hide the walls, and in every corner lie heaps of plans and charts.
  • Azrael, all tremulous, drew her veil around her neck, and with nervous irritability beckoned to the girls to be gone.
  • No wonder he hurried and no wonder the woman screamed, for exactly at that instant a great red touring car came tearing around the corner.
  • Indeed, everything around us, and everything within us, brings home the conviction of the littleness of man.
  • It is, no doubt, the most proper sense of the word; and around this it is that the controversy still rages, and has for centuries raged.
  • The lady, thus scared out of her first sleep, was scarcely able to distinguish the objects around her: terror made her dumb.
  • The hero again looked proudly around till his eye fell upon the young Transylvanian, who was now sitting on a fresh horse.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Around | Around Sentence

  • Everything around her is motionless.
  • The water lies around them on all sides.
  • Whilst she scratched we looked around us.
  • Plan a nice trip around the town.
  • I was dead sick of hanging around doing nothing.
  • With what mild and gentle eyes he looks around him!
  • His beard curls in little locks around his chin.
  • The Beg stares around him in terror.
  • Or The All Around Rivals of the School.
  • Whether they are large or small they have water entirely around them.
  • Everything around us is a type and symbol of our high destiny.
  • Others are so large that it would take days to travel around them.
  • Sometimes a piece of land has water flowing only part way around it.
  • All around this miniature house were little apertures representing windows.
  • Not all of the white people living around us were born in this country.
  • He's jumping around like a chicken on a hot griddle.
  • The crowd stood around him, the old men leaning on their crutches.
  • They walked around the building twice, studying it in every particular.
  • A triumphant smile played around Teleki's lips.
  • You see I run a line of thread around mine, so that there shall be no mistake.
  • The doctor told him he wouldn't get around without crutches for six months.

Definition of Around

(informal, with the verb "to be") Alive; existing. | Defining a circle or closed curve containing a thing. | Following the perimeter of a specified area and returning to the starting point.
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