Arpeggio In A Sentence

Definition of Arpeggio

(music) The notes of a chord played individually instead of simultaneously, usually moving from lowest to highest.

How To Use Arpeggio In A Sentence?

  • He was exceedingly particular about arpeggio work, and insisted upon the repetition of every note and passage until all harshness and roughness of tone were eliminated.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Arpeggio | Arpeggio Sentence

  • The arpeggio is its skeleton or framework.
  • The study ends with the arpeggio passage as at the beginning.
  • There can never be too much practice of a scale or arpeggio exercise.
  • There must be scale and arpeggio study, in which the metronome can be used.
  • The arpeggio accompaniment began murmuring, "But the Powers children.

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