Arrangement In A Sentence

Definition of Arrangement

The act of arranging. | The manner of being arranged. | A collection of things that have been arranged.

How To Use Arrangement In A Sentence?

  • To this arrangement it would appear that Honora yielded a more implicit assent than her lover.
  • His arrangement possesses the compactness of the carbon-filament lamp and is shown in Fig.
  • If but a single pair of lines had to be considered, the arrangement shown in Fig.
  • The general arrangement of a series party line employing a ground return is shown in Fig.
  • Reverting to the arrangement of the present edition, a few words may be said about some of the changes.
  • An arrangement of two such relays makes it possible to telegraph both ways over a pair of lines united by such a repeater.
  • The wires would need to be so far above the earth and so far apart as to make the arrangement commercially impossible.
  • With relation to this property, a telephone line is just as truly a condenser as is any other arrangement of conductors and insulators.
  • This figure also includes a simplified circuit arrangement from which the principles involved may be more readily understood.
  • This particular arrangement is that employed by the common-battery instruments of the various Bell companies.
  • When sneak-current arresters are so used the arrangement of the parts then is the same as in the central-office portion of Fig.
  • The qualities of electromagnets and lamps in these respects are used to advantage by the lamp signal arrangement shown in Fig.
  • The arrangement was that if I was lucky in getting rid of the bird houses I was to send him the balance.
  • In this case the arrangement is made so that the generator will automatically be placed in proper circuit relation with the line when it is operated.
  • The arrangement of feeding a number of pairs of lines according to the Kellogg two-battery system is indicated in Fig.
  • Her face, though not youthful, appeared, at that distance, handsome, from the judicious arrangement of white and red, with which it was covered.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Arrangement | Arrangement Sentence

  • Our arrangement still stands, says he.
  • The arrangement of Fig.
  • The substation arrangement of Fig.
  • A common arrangement for doing this is shown in Fig.
  • A better arrangement is shown in Fig.
  • Such an arrangement is indicated diagrammatically in Fig.
  • In such cases the arrangement shown in Fig.
  • An arrangement of this kind is shown in Fig.
  • Nothing short of the general arrangement shown in Fig.
  • This differs from the Kellogg arrangement shown in Fig.
  • The distinctive feature of this ship is the arrangement of the propellers.
  • These hints enabled me to comprehend more fully the arrangement of the table.
  • My friend is instructed from me to make every arrangement for your welfare.
  • In this particular, the arrangement is the same as that of Fig.
  • Such an arrangement in action differs in no particular from that of Fig.
  • Let us observe what is the advantage of this arrangement over the case of Fig.
  • An arrangement of this kind that is in common use is shown in Fig.
  • The arrangement of carbons and dielectric in this device is shown in Fig.
  • A simple and much-used arrangement for this purpose is shown in Fig.
  • The three chums concluded the arrangement at the Beach Hotel.
  • You have no doubt received the arrangement of the Quintet [Op.
  • The complete circuits of the Kellogg desk-stand arrangement are shown in Fig.
  • With the above arrangement of the disks the solution is as below: Move G.c.
  • Philipp Reis, a German, devised the arrangement shown in Fig.

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