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  • We were arrant cowards.
  • What arrant stupidity!
  • At heart he was an arrant coward.
  • Yet your arrant individualist is the last to see it.
  • Though an arrant coward, he was a consummate boaster.
  • Evidently Barrows was an arrant coward.
  • What an arrant humbug you are, Loyd.
  • An arrant Coward, gad zoors.
  • Willingham was, and set down poor Clara as an arrant flirt.
  • I must be an arrant fool, for I thought you did.
  • If I had I should have told you an arrant falsehood.
  • As spunky people az i hav ever known have been az arrant kowards.
  • He declared the tiger an arrant coward, who dared not confront him in the day.
  • You are an arrant rogue, a caitiff vile; there can be naught between us.
  • When you talk in that style I feel like an arrant hypocrite.
  • For myself, I judge that it was nothing less than an arrant humbug.
  • Smith O'Brien proved himself an arrant coward.
  • Why should I grieve to see That men for love such arrant fools can be?
  • The "To Let" sign on the little house was an arrant piece of hypocrisy.
  • But there's many an arrant slacker Not eligible to fight.
  • With which parting arrant nonsense O'Byrn considerately took himself off.

How To Use Arrant In A Sentence?

  • It is arrant folly, not to mention wickedness, to make enemies for the little while we are here.
  • For such gentle business, not old Richelieu was better fitted with a set of arrant scoundrels.
  • Then I had in an hour of arrant folly buried what remained to me in a bank in George Street.
  • I would have none think that I call them thieves, For, if I did, it would be arrant lies.
  • I treated their fears as arrant nonsense, but told them to come and argue it out with me in my own room.
  • I had also to manage as arrant a crew of scapegraces as were ever collected together within the walls of a theatre.
  • I stared at him in amazement; for his assertion sounded like nothing more or less than arrant nonsense.
  • The story is too long to tell you; but this rogue here has made me pass for an arrant fortune-teller.
  • He thought it best not to show his arrant folly to the world, and took his place again with apparent calmness.
  • Much arrant nonsense is vented concerning the 'class-hatred' stirred up by any criticism of the rich.
  • A┬ámore scrupulous exactness in this respect would appear to me arrant pedantry, and necessarily obstruct the free movement of the mind in writing.
  • Briefly, at the present moment and in this place, all this wretched pretence of 'work' is arrant imposture.
  • The men were stout, hearty fellows, and the women arrant thieves, but all were good-humored and friendly.
  • Like many others of their class, they had been accustomed to look upon a well-dressed, gentlemanly-appearing youth as an arrant coward.
  • He was an arrant coward, and, more than that, he stood as much in fear of Marmion as if he had been a bear or panther.
  • Please don't for a moment believe that I am such an arrant snob as to mind having a son-in-law who's engaged in business.
  • His face became blanched, and his hands shook in abject fear, although nothing else could have been expected from him, as he was an arrant coward.
  • Moreover, I was very much mistaken if he were not as arrant a coward as ever crowed on a dung-hill and ran away when the time came for fighting.
  • I am talking arrant nonsense, just raving at you, you think, and I sound rather absurd even to myself.

Definition of Arrant

Utter; complete (with a negative sense). | Obsolete form of errant.
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