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  • They were set in array by the governor, who in person came up to these quarters on that occasion.
  • France had a motley array of airplanes of every size, shape and make when the war broke out.
  • The little array of clerks, through whose ranks he had passed, stared after him in wonder.
  • The Earls bade the whole multitude of their array slink down alongside the river.
  • Mr. Wilson glanced at the array of hard little spheres on the floor and laughed.
  • There was an array of sealed tin cans, each holding about five gallons, banked around the boiler.
  • It was, perhaps, the most affecting incident in the long array of the funeral of the great Duke.
  • A noble array they made, splendid men, well mounted and equipped, eager to get at the foe.
  • Duke Naimes and Joseran the Count with speed And care these hosts in full array dispose.
  • Some ten or fifteen women had gathered in their array for their night's campaign.
  • All this is perfection, and the chief who can array himself in this ancient garb struts out of the fort the envy and admiration of all beholders.
  • Evening came at last, and the ladies were forced to leave the scene of their labors to array themselves for the coming festivities.
  • The blue smoke of their cigars floated over the array of decanters, the luscious fruits and glittering plate.
  • They were drawn up in battle array upon the north side of the river, spoke those who had gone to the battlements to look.
  • Just who and how many constituted that array of outlaws no man, including its own membership, could accurately say.
  • As the wings of a fly are adorned with a brilliant array of colors, we can follow the trajectory or figure that each wing writes in the air.
  • The loafers from the corners had conceived a sudden notion of co-operation, and had joined forces to the array of twenty or thirty.
  • The rich array of jewellery and the rare ecclesiastical ornaments stand brightly out from the sombre case, and light the window.
  • Rend asunder the veil of heedlessness, that from behind the clouds thou mayest emerge resplendent and array all things with the apparel of life.
  • We made assent, and he led the way to a smaller room, where there was spread a fine array of bottles and glasses.
  • To charge their array seemed charging a moving hedge of spears, impenetrable in defence, invincible in attack.
  • She had a spiritual make-up, a panoply of paint and powder for the soul, as truly as any actress has her array of cosmetics for her face.
  • The Astors are directors in a large array of corporations, and likewise virtually all of the other big landlords.
  • Leather jackets and sweaters lay on boxes under the tent-walls, and heavy boots stood in disorderly array along the foot of the cots.
  • Oakley observed, as they turned to take a last look at the great stockade with its array of ghastly and grinning heads, spiked on the stakes.
  • In a darkened room, wherein he kept an array of mystical apparatus, he pretended to show the credulous the ghosts of their departed relatives.
  • You now know in what ranks we wish to see our friends, in the very van of which array I reckon upon yourself.
  • In the little grove of trees before the house, where the big band-stand is, there is an array of tables, each with its lamp upon it.
  • Dinner had been kept piping hot, and Ethel hid her confusion behind an appetizing array of steaming dishes.
  • Behind the peplus in less careful array went thousands of citizens of every age and station, all in festival dress, all crowned with flowers.
  • Such an array of bright copper and tin vessels I never saw; and all the wooden things were as thoroughly scoured.
  • The false back of the cabinet, with its little array of flies, spinners, fishing hooks and tackle, slowly rolled back.
  • He had with him an imposing array of German and Hungarian troops, but what his army really wanted was an enterprising general.
  • Neither the American nor the British constitution, with their whole admirable array of checks and balances, has shielded them from this evil.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Array | Array Sentence

  • Behind them stood a whole array of monks.
  • In poor array their sights beguild.
  • Both sides then set themselves in array for battle.
  • Aristeides bringing his whole array to his allies' succour.
  • He swept an inquiring hand toward the array behind the door.
  • Upon the dead man's table was the usual array of bottles and glasses.

Definition of Array

To clothe and ornament; to adorn or attire. | To lay out in an orderly arrangement; to deploy or marshal. | (law) To set in order, as a jury, for the trial of a cause; that is, to call them one at a time.
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