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  • I sha'n't stop to arrest him.
  • Who issued orders for our arrest on this damn fool charge?
  • Why the devil should I arrest Sinclair?
  • Joe Espalin, I arrest you for the murder of Richard Marr!
  • He is simply furious because your arrest was interfered with.
  • They'll arrest me sure.
  • The complications that would follow his own arrest were not to be ignored.
  • I've a mind to arrest you and run you in myself.
  • But that does not arrest the resentment of men held back from life.
  • You couldn't arrest one of my old boots!
  • Avoid arrest at any price," was the ready reply.
  • They won't even dare to place me under arrest for an hour.
  • But, father, they won't arrest you.
  • For if you leave me here, babe, they'll arrest me sure.
  • Eaton hurried to the palace to ask the Bey if this arrest was by his order.
  • It was not an officer who came to arrest me; it was Tom himself.
  • We'll arrest Applegate, too, when we get to camp.
  • Referring to the arrest (October 9, 1668) of Governor Diegode Salcedo.

How To Use Arrest In A Sentence?

  • Habits which arrest development can be replaced by habits which encourage development.
  • How was it possible to arrest the attention of a man who insisted on talking of prohibition?
  • Thereupon the commissary causes the arrest of the accused person, and ships him to Mexico.
  • Death did arrest thee, many saw thee deade, Else needles were these rites of funeralls.
  • In resisting arrest this morning, Du Sang was wounded and is dying to-night.
  • You won't need to arrest me, though, for I'm hitting the trail in fifteen minutes.
  • He was afraid to arrest me, and I felt as safe as though I had been in London then.
  • If Wickersham does not accede to my demand, I shall arrest him for the fraud I have mentioned.
  • In the first place we'll arrest those lads again who have been playing the fool too long.
  • Or has it come too late either permanently to arrest the former or to restore confidence and courage to the latter?
  • The emperor received him coldly, and before the day was over he was put under arrest for disobedience of orders.
  • If it leaked out that he was under suspicion before the police had been furnished with enough evidence to arrest him he might evade us altogether.
  • Oddly enough, the law provides that when it is necessary to arrest the sheriff the duty falls to the coroner.
  • Although little was capable of passing in his mind, he felt she would not talk thus to a man under arrest for a crime.
  • He uses ugly words, calls it a murder, and has demanded a warrant for your extradition and arrest at once.
  • This was the first time the worthy man had had to arrest a gentleman, and he hardly knew whether he liked the job or not.
  • The authorities became suspicious of the craft, and an arrest was made of the vessel, her officers and men.
  • But, uncle, only last week you said at breakfast that the present system of arrest and imprisonment was all wrong.
  • Nothing came of the movement, for on September 9th the committee was placed under arrest and prosecuted.
  • They think because Red and me is tramps that they can make us tell and arrest us whenever they like.
  • He was ordered arrested, and six spiggoty little policemen, sent to arrest him, were also thrashed.
  • The secret service men had him under observation, they reported, but, as yet, he had not given them any cause to arrest him.

Definition of Arrest

(obsolete, transitive) To stop the motion of (a person or animal). [14th-19th c.] | (obsolete, intransitive) To stay, remain. [14th-16th c.] | (transitive) To stop or slow (a process, course etc.). [from 14th c.]
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